By Deborah Stadtler, Publisher

Spring is a time of renewal and re-invigoration. As nature comes back to life after a long winter, we at WC&P are refreshing and re-energizing the magazine. You may have noticed the look of the magazine has changed. We are aiming to bring you up-to-date industry information in an attractive and easy-to-read package. Let me know what you think of the new look. We are also adding new voices to WC&P. Take a look at the new Water Policy in Action column by Mae Stevens of Signal Group. She will share insights on policy and regulations that will affect water treatment professionals in each issue going forward.

This issue examines the accelerating pace of UV technology. Although UV technology is less obvious in the residential markets, the drive to bring it home, so to speak, is increasing. We kick that off with an interesting article on UV-C LEDs by NeoTech Aqua Solutions’ George Diefenthal and J. R. Cooper, PhD. It’s worth reading about those technologies and how they affect the POE market in an article by AquiSense’s Philip Jones and Mitchel Hansen.

One of the single most important aspects of water treatment is testing the water before anything else is done. If you don’t know what’s in it, you don’t know what to treat. We’ve moved from part-per-billion testing and detection to parts-per-trillion for a wide range of contaminants. ResinTech’s Marianne Metzger gives us and in-depth look at PFAS testing, how it’s accomplished and what you should know. WQA lets us have a first-hand glimpse at their new laboratory and how it will facilitate better, more accurate testing for Gold Seal members as well as enhancing and streamlining the testing and certification processes.

Dr. Kelly A. Reynolds, takes a closer look at the advent of genomic testing and how it relates to the water industry as a whole. Testing and treatment could be advanced rapidly with this technology applied to the current contaminant testing the industry currently relies upon.

As vaccines become more available and we emerge from the pandemic, we will be attending several events in person this year. Check out the dates at the bottom of the page to meet up with WC&P staff.


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