Deborah Stadtler, Publisher

As with most businesses, there is a time when a change of ownership and management is a decided advantage to remain relevant and successful for the long-term. For this venerable institution, that time is now. My name is Deborah Stadtler and I’m the new owner of WC&P. I see this as an exciting opportunity to ensure the legacy of Jerry, Sharon and Kurt Peterson in their quest to serve the water treatment industry by continuing its production and focus on the residential, smaller commercial and light industrial markets. I welcome any comments, suggestions, discussions or concerns you may have.

We intend to keep things rolling as if there is no change in ownership or leadership. The water treatment industry as a whole has high expectations of WC&P and the staff. We endeavor to ensure that isn’t changed and in fact, is enhanced for the future. Technical Review, a mainstay of this magazine, will remain the stalwart overseer of accuracy and technical content, allowing us to produce the best information possible for our audience. Most readers know we have a topical format each month but we are not restricted to a given topic. We cover everything that is relevant to our markets and that will continue.

April is a bit different because we look more at commercial and light industrial water treatment than at any time of the year. Although sanitation (October) groundwater (November) as well as desalination and wastewater (December) are the focus of the last quarter of the year, there are enough members of our audience with cross-over business to run those topics whenever relevant. For now, we’ll concentrate on the primary topics and venture elsewhere as needed.

Cooling towers and Legionella contamination are subjects without end. There are conferences dedicated to addressing this contaminant, specific fields of study about it and even government officials dedicated to regulating processes to control it. In this issue, we have ProChemTech International’s Timothy Keister to update and educate readers on this serious topic. Since many readers may be involved in commercial concerns that deal with the possibility of Legionella, we want to make sure you have the latest information. Also featured this month is Jason Rice, Hague International, who presents the first of a three-part treatise on RO technology and components. This is written in a down-to-earth format so novice and veteran water treatment specialists alike will gain some benefit from reading it.

We see companies come and go and that makes long-lived businesses even more important, especially in the water treatment industry. John Guest is catching up to WC&P, celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2021 while we celebrate our 62nd. Ted Anthony offers readers a short history of the company, its products and its place in the industry, now and in the future.

We want to keep readers informed about successful corporate leaders and how they stay that way, as well as the backbone of the industry, the dealers and technicians themselves. To do this, we need your help. Nominate someone to be featured in the Corporate Profile series and we’ll reach out to them. If you have a dealer in your network or know an independent that deserves to be highlighted, let us know. We will contact them and take if from there. We have good writers to tell their stories to you and hopefully, we all benefit as a result…


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