By Emma H. Peterson

The Pure Experts LLC is a family-owned business consisting of five Aerus locations. Aerus first launched in 1924 as Electrolux USA. It took off instantly, having made the first tank vacuum model that continues to be the standard of excellence for floor-care products in the present day. This success garnered the business recognition from The Smithsonian Institute as a top 100 US product, which propelled them forward into a broadened market. Electrolux USA came under new management in 1998 and was re-branded as Aerus, as it is still known and loved today. The Pure Experts, consisting of five Aerus location, is quickly becoming a household and commercial name as the company expands its residential and business divisions.

The Pure Experts’ objective is to become the premier company for water filtration in New England and the number-one Aerus location in the country. Currently serving southern Maine and New Hampshire, with plans of expansion into Massachusetts in 2021, the company is well on the way to achieving this mission. It offers water filtration, air and surface purification, and floor-care services and will soon be offering plumbing services as well. Its water division frequently encounters issues with hard water, various odors, staining, and imbalances in pH, iron, manganese, arsenic, bacteria and sulfur. Two best-selling products are water conditioners and RO filtration systems. The Pure Experts provide customers with in-field water testing and facilitates laboratory testing as needed to offer custom treatment solutions. The company has the capacity to solve even the most difficult of water issues in collaboration with Aerus’s Master Water Specialist, whose 30 years of experience and vast knowledge base further ensures customer satisfaction.

The Pure Experts utilizes the top customer relationship management in the industry (ServiceTitan) keeping a full record of every interaction with its customers to ensure that the highest level of customer service is provided. Nearly every customer interaction involves at least three different members of the team. The end goal is to marry Aerus’s superior product performance with The Pure Experts’ exceptional customer care to exceed every one of its customers’ expectations.

Christopher Tarr, owner/operator of The Pure Experts, worked at Aerus from 2011-2014, then returned again in 2017 when water filtration had become a significant part of the business. Over the course of a year, he became the manager of the Brunswick location, and in May 2018 he bought the Brunswick location. Since then, Tarr has also acquired the Rockland, Portland, Concord and Claremont locations. He is heavily involved in the entire company and said: “As we grow, we now have managers that handle the four divisions of our company, so my day-to-day interactions are typically with them at this point instead of with each individual member, which is very different than things were just one year ago.”

The company was almost lost in December of 2018, though. “There are a lot of learning curves when trying to learn how to run a business successfully,” Tarr said. “The saving grace was our decision to make residential water filtration, along with ActivePure air treatment, the primary focus of the business in January of 2019.” They employed Aerus’s Double Your Business Model, which was designed to help established water treatment dealers introduce ActivePure, a certified space technology that purifies air and surfaces in homes and offices, to offer complimentary air purification systems to their customers, in conjunction with water filtration products, as a more holistic and healthy home solution. ActivePure Air Filtration products have also helped the business grow as a water company, as it has allowed the company to attract higher-level talent and new customers in both the air and water treatment industry, resulting in exceptional upward trajectory. By the end of 2019, The Pure Experts was the fastest growing Aerus location and finished number-three out of several hundred locations in the company, more than tripling its total revenue.

After becoming the number-one source for water and air purification solutions in New England, The Pure Experts’ 10-year plan is to not only maintain this status, but to scale the model up to encompass a larger geographic market. Tarr is interested in acquisitions as the company grows and as consumer appetite shifts to become more health conscious. It is the perfect time to accomplish these ambitions. “Even with the pandemic hurting so many business in 2020, we were able to more then double our business in 2020 as we have really shifted our focus to include air and water purification solutions, focusing in on a more heath conscious consumer,” says Tarr.

None of this progression could be possible without the company’s prudently chosen personnel. Christina Joy (COO) connects all the dots behind the scenes. “Her vision and genuine character are a huge part of the company we’re becoming,” Tarr said. “Leah Chavira (Business Relationship Manager) goes to endless lengths to ensure our customers are always kept informed, both before and after the purchase, as well as treated fairly and respectively.” It was crucial for The Pure Experts to have a loyal, resilient crew to stand beside and behind the company.

As the air and water filtration industry continues its expansion, The Pure Experts of Aerus is more than ready to meet supply for the demand. Their current focus is on being the experts of the water and air treatment industry. There is a lot to look forward to for the company and for customers alike. “There are many new product launches in the works, but you’ll just have to wait and see!”


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