By Donna Kreutz

Robbie Fayle, company Founder and inventor, knew the problems of hard water in Australia. She was a science teacher and after leaving teaching started CALCLEAR. Fayle’s team worked with distributors and hydroponic growers for many years who wanted to use conditioned water produced by a CALCLEAR water conditioner. Not only did their customers in hard-water areas benefit from domestic conditioned water, but maintenance costs were reduced. Crops and plants took up the calcium in solution and thrived beyond belief. The product saved money and increased crop value. Fayle continued researching and developing, then patented the new electronics: EMF signal and multi-sized, prewound pipes for easy inline installation. “We invented it in Australia and wanted to solve hard water for the world.

“We kept improving until we received our US Patent. Now it is ready to be marketed in the USA,” said Micheal DeLaney, the US partner and President of CalClear Water, a company establishing markets and sales in the US for the Australian water conditioner. DeLaney’s sales challenge is this: Potential customers think the conditioning system is too good to be true and plumbers suspect it is so reliable that there will be few if any service calls needed after installation. “I certainly didn’t expect so much flak from having a product that’s too good.

“The water conditioner is indeed a wonder. It uses electromagnetic sine waves to break up calcium crystals into tiny particles and keep them in solution, a treatment that is both cure for and prevention of most of the scaling and corrosion problems caused by water in industry, agriculture and in the home,” DeLaney said. “Our units create an energy wave that affects the breakdown of calcium to a state that doesn’t allow it to attach to fixtures or plumbing.” The end-result is no chemicals, no backflushing, no downtime, no scaling, no corrosion.

A revolutionary computerized water conditioning company, CALCLEAR was commenced in Australia in 1997 and originally aimed at the Australian domestic market as a low-cost, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional water softeners, which require plumbing, maintenance, back-flushing and endless supplies of salt. Today, these water products are distributed widely throughout Europe, Australia, India and beyond. The company has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and now the United States. “We serve worldwide, industries, commercial and residential, and our markets are always growing with new applications,” DeLaney said.

Evolved out of necessity
“This product evolved out of necessity,” DeLaney said. “Robbie found an easy, simple way of solving a problem that everyone who uses water has to deal with—in agriculture, industry and mining—and from homes and swimming pools to hotels, wineries and restaurants.” DeLaney joined the firm in January 2019, after seeing the product work so well on Arizona’s hard water. “The CALCLEAR unit is the answer to problems of pollution in our waterways caused by excessive use of chemical water treatment. It uses no chemicals and has low energy consumption. Running costs are minimal, averaging less than $10 per year. Environmental savings result from the ability to treat commercial flows of water with high mineral content and change them into supplies that have all the benefits of conditioned water,” he said. “Treatment can not only prevent scale from forming but progressively descale pipes, boilers, water heaters, irrigation systems, laundries and kitchen equipment. This is achieved without using chemicals or taking equipment out of service. By eliminating acid descaling and chemical treatment from all these operations, huge volumes of chemicals are prevented from entering our soils, rivers and drainage systems.”

Technology advances mean softer water in the home and bigger plants in the field. CALCLEAR water conditioning systems vary based on pipe size, water hardness and flow: from as little as 0.75- up to 2-inch (25- up to 300-mm) diameter. The list of commercial applications is long, ranging from laundries to hotels and hospitals, steam ovens and defrosters to air conditioners and cooling towers. Our products are designed to run trouble- and maintenance-free indefinitely. Our challenge is to make the industry understand that the product is better than any other product like it.”

DeLaney said the concept and design of the CALCLEAR products is “just modern and improved technology. It’s like the iPhone of water conditioning; a miniature computer reads the water flow and changes it with various sets of listings, all enclosed in one little package. You plug it in and you’re done. CALCLEAR solves a costly hard-water problem with an economical solution.”


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