Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

Welcome to the 60th anniversary edition of WC&P! Using the kitchen table as a work area, my father Jerry Peterson launched the magazine to keep the water conditioning industry up-to-date on what was happening around the country. From dealer news to legislative happenings, he was on top of everything related to water. And six decades later, we are still keeping you informed of all that is water treatment.

The industry has evolved as has the magazine. No longer is it only about water conditioning but inclusive of a host of water treatment options and technologies. When Dad launched the magazine, RO was in its infancy, with Jack and Robert Slovak leading the way. UV treatment wasn’t really on anyone’s horizon and ozone was still a ‘killer’ due to the high levels of smog associated with larger cities. But even in the beginning, carbon took the lead for purification.

In this issue, Dr. Henry Nowicki and the staff of PACS offer insight on newer technology that will enhance the efficacy of carbon for removal of PFAS and PFOS. These contaminants are at the forefront of the consciousness of not only the water treatment industry but media circles and consumers. It’s imperative, based on the health consequences, that every available technology be brought to bear. And innovation will again be a force for change in how water treatment works.

In April, a record number of water treatment specialists took part in the annual WQA convention in Las Vegas, NV. Bigger and better than past years, the show offered an amazing number of educational sessions, certification training, business boot camp and much more. Take a look at our show photos to see what you missed if you weren’t there. Maybe we’ll see you next year, when the convention is held in Orlando, FL, April 1-3.

Dealers must sometimes come up with a different way of doing things to ensure they are serving their customers as well as their business to the best of their abilities. Mike Hale of Little Beaver writes about how Culligan of San Antonio took that to a whole new level with its decision to purchase drilling equipment. It’s better to buy your own equipment and do the job in-house than to pay a subcontractor to drill through sidewalks, gravel beds and other soils. This is something many dealers should consider to make a short-term investment for a long-term gain.
To round out our coverage, NSF International’s Rick Andrew reports on the agency’s efforts to include PFAS and PFOS testing in current standards. Greg Reyneke, MWS, also presents more on activated carbon’s role in dechlorination. Another news maker is the number of deaths from infections acquired in health institutions. Public Health Editor Dr. Kelly Reynolds explains how waterborne contaminants are contributing to these infections and how water treatment can contribute to prevention practices.

We’ve recently solicited candidates for our Dealer Profile with an eLert to our subscribers. If you know of other dealers who might be interested, please pass that information on to them. In addition, we also have a Corporate Profile series for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, which focuses on successful executives who make a business profitable. We would also like to hear from our readers: what is your favorite column? What can we cover better? What would you like to see in the future? We look forward to hearing from you so we can better meet your industry information needs.


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