Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

In much of the US, springtime has finally arrived, in spite of a punishing El Nino winter. For those who can’t wait to get out into the sunshine, be ready for other weather changes that may well impact both your life and your business. Warmer temperatures mean removing winter weatherproofing, planting gardens and watering lawns, all of which mean water quality is still the most important consideration.

We’ve heard much over the past few years about emerging contaminants and now find ourselves staring down double barrels. PFAS contamination is rampant and only now being considered a disaster to be reckoned with throughout the world. Lead poisoning is still occurring far too often due to failing infrastructure, old piping and lead solder. It will involve high costs and strong political motivation to overcome these issues . Until that is accomplished, consumers need to be able to rely on water treatment dealers and manufacturers to keep their water supplies safe.

In this issue, Gary Battenberg of Parker Hannifin provides an introspective and comprehensive look at PFAS and lead contamination, what can be done and how. It cannot be stressed strongly enough just how dangerous and difficult this devil’s duo will continue to be for some time to come. As water treatment specialists, there are a range of treatment and equipment options you should be ready to deploy for clients who are being affected.

Due to the WQA Annual Convention & Exposition being held in April this year, an updated schedule is being presented, with the latest information possible. Golf, educational sessions, committee meetings, certification classes and exams, Boot Camp…there’s a large number of offerings for every level of water treatment. Be sure to boost your knowledge and enhance your bottom line by taking advantage of every opportunity afforded by attending. With the large number of contamination stories in the press, consumers will be looking for certified professionals…they should be knocking on your doors!

Candice Wentling of Certified Action, Bill Blades of William Blades, Inc. and Gary Coon come together in this issue to offer a wide variety of sales and marketing tips and tricks. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Take advantage of the wisdom imparted by these marketing specialists to help bring your sales teams up a few rungs on the success ladder.

While US water quality issues are governed by US EPA and other regulatory agencies, it’s important to know that the rest of the world adheres to World Health Organization guidance. While there are differences between the two, a conjunction exists for many aspects of water quality and treatment. Dr. Kelly Reynolds, Public Health Editor, provides both summary and insight in her article about risk management to reduce waterborne disease.

It won’t be long after you receive this issue that we will see you in Las Vegas, April 23-25, hopefully. Stop by Booth 846 or catch us as we make our rounds of the educational sessions and tradeshow floor. Keep an eye on today with the other focused on the future by taking in the wide variety of new products on display.


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