Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

As we edge closer to our 60th anniversary, we wanted to start the new year with a round of applause for you, our readers and contributors. Were it not for your constant support, we could have been an also-ran in the water treatment world. But, in spite of some downturns and recessions, we’re still publishing our best news and technical articles to help you be better water industry players. That’s what’s key for all of us, a collaborative spirit, the need to help others, that keeps us moving forward together.

We have intentionally kept our editorial calendar static over the years because let’s face it: people don’t really like change. They want to know when something is happening and who is making it happen. Having a common thread of consistency in our publishing and content gives you the edge. You know what to expect…and so do we. We’ll be ramping up soon for the new conference season and we want you to have the best shows on your mind, long before they are happening. Planning will make the difference in success and we hope to share that with you along the way.
This month, our focus is on membrane separation and filtration, the primary treatment methodologies you deal with on a regular basis. Peter Cartwright, PE, a founding member of the WC&P Technical Review Committee, delves into the world of treatment media, giving an in-depth review of what works best in which applications…and why. There is no pat answer in water treatment and no one-size-fits-all approach that works. Cartwright proffers invaluable insight into the whys and hows of treatment.

Kicking off a new year means changes, a lot of them, which may include changing your way of doing business, how you reach out to new customers and how you keep them coming back for more. Marketing is the ever-changing dynamic of what works when, to reach your target audience. One of many marketing experts to grace our pages, Dale Filhaber is an inexhaustible source of ideas. So too is Candice Wentling of Certified Action. In this issue, they present more ideas to keep your business on the right track.

The California Groundwater Association hosts a small but intimate annual convention for its membership in Reno, NV. WC&P has been warmly welcomed at each of their conventions over the last several years, giving us the opportunity to take part and enjoy their close-knit event. In this issue, we’ve included a short pictorial review of the 2018 convention, where you may even see some familiar faces.

Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, PhD, Public Health Editor and author of our monthly On Tap column, marks the 20th anniversary of her first column, Heterotrophic Plate Count Bacteria in Drinking Water. Fast forwarding through the decades, she now offers insight on the future of water quality and sustainability. In her column, Dr. Reynolds summarizes a National Academy of Sciences report that details the US Geological Survey’s future water priorities.
Let us take a moment to fondly remember those who’ve passed and salute those intrepid newcomers to the industry. We have a new year to fill with advanced technologies, to bring hope to those less fortunate and make our world a better place. Let’s hear it for our staunch allies in the water treatment industry, our contributors and subscribers and everyone who has helped to make WC&P International such a success. You have our deepest gratitude!


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