Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

It’s that time of year again, when we are subjected to all things pumpkin, turkey and dressing. Along with those wonderful edibles, we must still consider that when we are cooking, there may be a danger not only from under-cooked or left-over food but from water contaminated by arsenic used to cook our meals. It’s not the most pleasant thought in light of these joyous end-of-year holidays, but we must be practical all year round.

For many consumers, their water source is a private well, wholly unregulated as far as quality and contamination. While US EPA has been moving toward changing that, there still is no regulatory authority for monitoring private wells and their groundwater sources. Arsenic tends to top the list of contaminants that are most likely to make one sick but there are others as well. NGWA Director of Science, Dr. William Alley, presents an article on those contaminants, which include nitrates, arsenic, VOC vapors and more.

Parker Hannifin’s Gary Battenberg examines the arsenic problem, including how to remove it from water supplies. There are methodologies in place for a variety of contaminants, none of which will prove successful unless the primary components are known and well understood. Battenberg makes the distinction between types of arsenic and their removal methodologies.

Dr. Evan Koslow continues his series on catalytic carbon with a closer look on how binders affect the performance of carbon-block products. This intriguing article examines how and why things don’t work as well as expected and what properties are most likely to fail. It’s a new viewpoint that should be taken seriously for all who are expecting maximum performance from their carbon products, but not getting it.

Public Health Editor, Dr. Kelly A. Reynolds, also focuses on arsenic and the probability that drinking water may be responsible for some arsenic contamination. In spite of regulations promulgated since 1942, when it was first determined to be a health risk, arsenic remains a critical contaminant issue in the US and around the world.
Many companies never last for more than a few years, according to the Federal Trade Commission, while others maintain successful business models for decades. And that’s where Vertex Water Products stands now, reaching the 20-year milestone this year. A multi-generational, family-owned manufacturer, the company and its products are well known in the water treatment industry. Join us in giving them a round of applause to help celebrate and hope for continued success in the decades ahead.

As the year winds down, so too does the conference schedule. As we prepare for next year’s full slate of events, there are still a few of note coming up, including NGWA’s annual convention in December. It’s important to keep track so you can make your companies visible across the water treatment industry. Attending those conventions and conferences is as important as your next advertising campaign. So don’t miss out on opportunities for new business and new connections. Check our Upcoming Events section to start planning now for next year.

As we begin to look toward our Thanksgiving Day activities, we are humbled and appreciative that we’ve experienced such staunch support from the water treatment industry as a whole. Manufacturers, dealers and distributors are our valued partners and have been for nearly 60 years. We’ll celebrate that anniversary next June and we hope you will still be with us. Until we meet again, be well, travel safely and enjoy life to the fullest!


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