The Dow Chemical Company announced a global price increase for QUAT™ 188 Cationic Reagent of $0.07 (U.S.) per pound. The increase was effective on July 1, 2006 or as contracts permitted. “This action is required to restore business margins that are essential to ensuring long-term product supply to our customers,” said Marvin Bourelle, Dow’s Global Marketing Manager. ?

Home water purifier company Eureka Forbes suffered a setback when a Bangalore, India, city court rejected its plea to stop rival U.S.-based Pentair from advertising in the media, according to a report in Sify. Pentair had claimed that, “Water contains contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye and to UV water purifiers,” and added that its RO system removes contaminants much smaller in size. Eureka, known in the Indian domestic market for its UV-based purifiers, contended that its reputation was, “irreparably damaged by such malicious campaign,” adopted by Pentair. During the proceedings Eureka also accepted that RO technology is superior to UV technology. ?

Aqualite, Inc. relocated to a larger facility in May. The new address is 130B Northeastern Blvd., Nashua, N.H. 03062. New phone number is (603) 689-2000 and new fax is (603) 689-2020. The toll free number, (800) 833-8200, remains the same. ?

The Associated Press reported Watts Water Technologies Inc. acquired French home-improvement products manufacturer ATS Expansion Group in a transaction worth about €60 million ($76.6 million U.S.). With annual revenue of about €40 million ($51.1 million U.S.), ATS makes fittings, valves and manifolds for water, gas and heating applications and markets those products through the brand names Gripp, Porquet and Sirius. ?

Over 1.1 million bottled water coolers were installed across East Europe by the end of 2005, 16 percent more than in 2004, according to the sixth Report on East Europe Water Coolers from specialist drinks consultancy Zenith International. Two-thirds of the coolers were electric and the remainder were dispensers or hand pumps. At over one billion liters (264,172,052.4 gallons), 2005 sales through coolers have risen to 9.5 percent of total bottled water consumption, compared with just four percent in 1999. ?

Culligan of Northwest Arkansas has purchased Phillips Spring Valley Water of Springdale, Ark. Currently the largest bottled water delivery company in Northwest Arkansas, Culligan of Northwest Arkansas is an affiliate of Hall’s Culligan Water, based in Wichita, Kan. Hall’s Water owns eleven Culligan franchises in six states in the Midwest. ?

North America

First quarter gains
Calgon Carbon Corporation announced results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2006. The charcoal and solvent recovery operations were sold in February and April 2006 respectively; therefore, the two businesses are presented as discontinued operations. Net sales from continuing operations were $76.6 million, an increase of 4.8 percent over the first quarter of 2005. Foreign currency translation had a $1.8 million negative effect on sales for the quarter due to the weaker Euro and the British Pound Sterling. Loss from operations was $1.2 million, versus a loss of $4.6 million for the comparable period in 2005.

Joint campaign launched
During Drinking Water Week 2006, the American Water Works Association joined water professionals across North America in a campaign launched to inspire consumers and community leaders to consider what Only Tap Water Delivers in their lives and remind them of the need to reinvest in their community water systems. In the U.S., consumers use some 341 billion gallons of tap water every day; only three percent of which is for drinking. As summer begins, water utilities across the U.S. continue to encourage wise stewardship of community supplies.

License negotiations completed
Wataire Industries Inc. announced that it has beneficially completed negotiations to license the company’s worldwide marketing and distribution rights for its Atmospheric Water Generator technology to Global Wataire Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Wataire Industries will be issued Preferred D Stock of Global Wataire Inc. Wataire will dividend the preferred stock to its shareholders of record as of June 30, 2005 on a one-to-one basis.

Testing authority granted
BioVir Laboratories, Inc. received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) authority to process one mL pellet volumes for Method 1623 Cryptosporidium and Giardia testing. BioVir is the first lab in the nation to demonstrate the required expertise to the agency during side-by-side tests comparing 0.5 mL (the norm) and one mL recoveries of Giardia and Cryptosporidium from samples containing different pellet volumes. “We are extremely proud to be the only laboratory in the nation to have achieved this authority”, said Rick Danielson, Ph.D., BioVir’s Vice President and Laboratory Director.

Drinking water fund tops $9 billion
The U.S. EPA, all 50 states and Puerto Rico have invested almost $9.5 billion in drinking water improvements since 1996, according to the just-released Drinking Water State Revolving Fund’s (DWSRF) 2005 Annual Report. The first-of-its-kind report focuses on nearly 4,400 projects ranging from treatment, transmission, distribution and rehabilitation (of wells) to developing new sources of water, upgrading storage facilities and consolidating water systems. Congress established the program in 1996 to help finance infrastructure improvements.

Acquisition of water service announced
Aqua America, Inc. announced that it has reached an agreement with Utilities & Industries Corp., LLC to acquire New York Water Service Corporation in a transaction valued at $51 million. Aqua America will pay $28 million in cash to acquire the stock of the company and assume $23 million in debt. New York Water Service provides public water to approximately 135,000 residents in southeastern Nassau County, Long Island, N.Y., including the communities of Merrick, North Merrick, Bellmore, North Bellmore, Wantagh, Seaford and portions of Levittown and Massapequa.

Chemtura sold for $85 million
Close Brothers Private Equity (CBPE) announced the acquisition of the industrial water chemicals business from U.S.-listed Chemtura Corporation for an acquisition price of $85 million. The business will be renamed BWA Water Additives (BWA). BWA is a global supplier of niche speciality chemicals used in a wide range of industrial water treatment applications including the fast-growing desalination sector.

Nominations for new award sought
The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) announced creation of the Robert Storm Interdivisional Cooperation Award to recognize extraordinary collaboration between professionals representing different segments of the ground water industry. The award’s namesake was instrumental in bringing together various segments of that industry in 1948 to create the National Water Well Association, which later became the NGWA. Award nominees can be individuals or teams and need not be NGWA members. The deadline for nominations is August 1. For more information about how to submit a nomination, visit

Arsenic removal media chosen
ADSORBSIA™ GTO™ arsenic removal media from The Dow Chemical Company, in conjunction with equipment provided by Aquacell Water Inc. has been selected by Cold Water Canyon Water Company (CWCWC) for use in three water treatment systems serving Black Canyon City, Ariz. CWCWC serves half the population of Black Canyon City, roughly 1,700 people. The use of ADSORBSIA will enable the utility to meet the new U.S. EPA arsenic standard for drinking water of 10 parts per billion (ppb). Arsenic levels are currently 17 ppb in two of the systems and 22 ppb in the other. The new removal systems were installed in late April of this year.

Agencies present paper on water issues
According to Addressing Our Global Water Future, a recently-released white paper written jointly by Sandia National Laboratories and the Washington think tank, Center for Strategic and International Studies, now is the time to address the devastating effects of increasing water scarcity and declining water quality around the world. The paper is the result of two conferences held last year in Washington, D.C. An electronic version of the white paper can be found at

Nanotechnology award announced
nCoat, Inc. announced that one of its nano-structured coatings won the Stoel Rives Utah Innovations Award in the Chemicals/Materials Science category of the fourth annual competition. The product was specially designed to protect materials requiring a high level of heat resistance and has been tested to withstand temperatures in excess of 4,200° F for sustained durations.

South America

Petrobras selects Siemens
The Water Technologies division of Siemens’ Industrial Solutions and Services Group has been selected by Petrobras to provide a water treatment system to its P-53 Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit located off the coast of Brazil. The water treatment equipment will allow Petrobras to remain in compliance with current stringent discharge criteria while maximizing their production. Topside project management contractor on the P-53 project is QUIP SA of Rio de Janeiro.


Agreement for evaluation of alternative technology
Dr. Gene Shelp, President and CEO of ENPAR Technologies Inc. (ENPAR), announced that the company entered into a mutual confidentiality agreement with an unnamed major American water company, according to Canada Newswire. The sole purpose of the agreement is to evaluate a possible business transaction relating to ENPAR’s DesEL technology as a replacement for conventional home water treatment systems, such as reverse osmosis units and water softeners. Based on published information, the home market is currently reported to be $15 billion (U.S.) annually with the market predicted to reach approximately $45 billion (U.S.) by the year 2011.

UV analyzer agreement signed
CNW reported that Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc., a Calgary-based company with a global sales presence, signed a licensing agreement to manufacture, distribute, sell and service a new ultraviolet analyzer developed by the Alberta Research Council (ARC). A second agreement to work jointly to refine and produce more technology-based products was also signed. “ARC creates technology and Galvanic gets it into the hands of the people who can benefit from it,” said Ted Garver, the lead scientist who developed the ultraviolet analyzer.


Trio forms alliance
Three companies have joined forces to ensure reliable, value-for-money supplies of drinking water and the collection of wastewater for 1.3 million people in southeast Melbourne, Australia. The alliance of Siemens, Thiess Consortium and South East Water provides maintenance services to the latter’s supply network of about 3,640 square kilometers. Including external revenue, the alliance’s total net sales for civil, electrical/mechanical service and construction are projected to be about $500 million (Australian) for the term of agreement. The alliance will run for the next seven years, with a performance-linked option of an additional five years. Operating as Utility Services, the alliance is designed to deliver organizational efficiencies and cost savings in construction, operations and maintenance ultimately leading to reduced overheads and improved services.


Leaks cause massive water losses
According to The Independent, billions of liters of water are gushing out of Britain’s crumbling mains network every day as the country faces its worst drought in a century. Figures from Ofwat, the water regulator, reveal that privatized water companies are losing 3.6 billion liters daily—up to 500 pints per home, per day. The worst offender, Thames Water, loses 915 million liters a day, enough to fill more than 700 swimming pools.


Exclusive agreement signed
ITT has strengthened its capabilities as a water treatment solutions provider by signing an agreement with Kolon Industries, Inc. for products used in reuse and drinking water systems. A Korean-based global supplier of polymers, resins, chemicals, textiles, membranes and plastics, the company will be the exclusive supplier of membrane fibers and modules for ITT’s membrane bioreactors. It will also support and provide ITT with long-term membrane fiber and module development. Kolon Industries, Inc.’s membrane division started in 1966, producing membranes for dialysis units.

Kartaginer, WC&P’s newest Tech Reviewer
at Kartaginer to our Technical Review Committee here at WC&P. Her articles over the last several years have brought us a global perspective on the issues water treatment professionals are facing.

As the Water Treatment Section and Laboratory Manager, Engineering Department, TANA Water, she manages microbiological, chemical, hydraulic and physical testing for POU water treatment technologies, in accordinance with Israeli standards and engineering requirements as well as those of many other nations where TANA markets products.

Additionally, Kartaginer conducts research in conjunction with the Hebrew University of Israel’s Department of Soil and Water Sciences under Professor Avner Adin. She is responsible for training TANA employees and their foreign distributors in UV and activated carbon and evaluates new treatment technologies both in Israel and abroad with third-party laboratories and consultants at home and around the world.
Kartaginer is a member of the European POU Drinking Water Association, the International Ultra Violet Association and the Israeli Water Association and serves on a committee for the promotion of the water section’s human resources training of the Israeli government’s Ministry of National Infrastructure/Water Authority. She holds a Bachelor of Science and is completing a Masters in Environmental Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


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