By Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

It’s hot out there, everywhere, with record temperatures being reported across the country. Trying to find relief is not that far away, though, even if only a temporary respite from the sizzling heat. For those without a residential pool, the next best option is the local swimming hole, where safety and water quality are  major concerns for operators and visitors alike. While probably over-populated at this point, those venues may require extra treatment to maintain a healthy environment for bathers and employees alike. Some of those treatment options are discussed in this issue.

Ozone usage for water treatment is given a thorough review by by Alex Bettinardi of De Nora and WC&P Technical Reviewer Greg Reyneke of Red Fox Advisors. Both delve into the different applications for this technology, as well as equipment, safety requirements and industry best practices for deployment. Ozone is not just for large industrial and municipal applications any longer and in fact, over the coming years will likely see an expansion into many more commercial applications.

In her On Tap column, Public Health Editor Kelly Reynolds, PhD, discusses the impact of ozone technology on waterborne outbreaks, as well as the history and breadth of ozone usage in water treatment. She also addresses the efficacy of testing on chlorine-resistant viruses and protozoa when ozone is used.

It’s the height (and maybe already the dog days) of summer, which means WC&P is taking a look at pools as well. Chlorination is usually at the heart of treatment options, though not the only one. Ozonation is often used in other countries and in some municipalities in the US. Dr. Tom Lachocki and Rose Lyda of the National Swimming Pool Foundation discuss both the science of water treatment using chlorination in swimming-pool applications, as well as the necessary educational background to keep everyone safe in this healthy pursuit.

The more things change…so they say. Bringing that into focus is Dale Filhaber’s article on how to make 2019 marketing more relevant. Guess what? Direct mail isn’t dead after all. While everyone has been focused on digital marketing, some more traditional advertising has been quietly moving back into mainstream approaches. Don’t be caught short by using a medium that doesn’t suit your business model.

Between conferences and vacations, summertime may (by chance or by design) keep you away from your normal communications methods. Not to worry, though, because we can travel with you. Take along your copy of the magazine to while away your travel hours. When you get a chance or three, check out our website or the digital issue of the magazine, if you don’t have space in your travel bag for a hard copy. WC&P offers a variety of options to stay in touch with and on top of industry news. We wouldn’t want you to miss a thing!


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