International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) CEO GP Russ Chaney and IAPMO Senior VP of Government Affairs Dain Hansen participated in the launch of Phase II of the US-India Standards and Conformance Cooperation Project (SCCP) at the ‘Workshop on Water and Sanitation Systems in India: Leveraging standards for infrastructure improvement’ in New Delhi, India. The US-India SCCP initiatives have enabled staff from a broad range of US not-for-profit entities to acquaint themselves with counterparts within BIS, CII and other ministry-level bodies within the Indian government. In addition, IAPMO Group announced the acquisition of the Aquadiagnostics Water Research and Technology Center Limited, an independently accredited testing lab, previously owned and operated by Eureka Forbes Limited, which will become part of The IAPMO Group, specifically with IAPMO India.


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