Senator Bill Dodd of California presented SB 981, Home solicitation contract or offers of water treatment devices: rescission on the Senate floor and received a unanimous bipartisan vote. According to the press release, language changes would result in the following, as noted in italics: Existing law prohibits a water treatment device or other materials that are the subject of a home solicitation contract or offer from being delivered or installed, or other services performed, until the expiration of the rescission period, as provided. The bill would make the seller responsible for all costs in removing the installed water treatment device or other materials, and would require that removal to occur within 20 days if the buyer rescinds the contract before the expiration of the rescission period. The bill would also require the seller to restore the property to substantially as good condition as it was at the time the services were rendered if the seller’s services result in the alteration of property of the buyer. Because a violation of the bill’s requirements would be a crime, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.


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