By Denise M. Roberts

The water treatment/improvement industry is a complex profession fraught with a host of difficulties and regulatory requirements that would make many run in the other direction. It takes grit, a drive to succeed, the willingness to learn and a passion for the good of all to become a success in this industry. It evolves on many levels, every year. Whether it’s a change in marketing techniques or deployment of the latest and greatest in technological innovation, this industry’s professionals must be ever willing to take on new challenges. Those who are most successful are also the industry’s best mentors for those who are willing to take on the task of securing the right water quality for the most appropriate use.

To ensure their success, water treatment professionals acquire the necessary education through a variety of approaches, including secondary and/or vocational education as well as hands-on training. While the most often used sources of training and information are manufacturer training sessions and the Water Quality Association’s Modular Education Program (MEP), there are a variety of industry-related journals and publications that produce a high quality of relevant and practical information that enhances the knowledge base as well. WC&P International is proud to be one of those revered sources and strives to be at the forefront of providing industry news and information to our readers.

But it’s not as simple as throwing a few press releases out to the readers or writing pithy opinions. To be a voice for the industry, you must have a dedicated cadre of professionals on your team and we have the best: our Technical Review Committee. Every member is passionate enough about water and the industry to want to bring their knowledge and expertise to WC&P International readers. And it’s all voluntary on their part. Those who have never researched and/or written a technical article may not realize just how much time and effort is expended. Further, those who review these articles must call on their vast expertise to weigh the merits of each one and provide a well-rounded professional appraisal of the content. This is no mean feat when you consider the diversity of topics and levels of technical ability that are part and parcel of that process.

Over the years, as needs have dictated, the committee has grown and contracted. Its membership has included the best and brightest of the early years of the water treatment industry and been inspired by associate reviewers who have offered their expertise on less visible topics. At the core of membership, however, a sense of dedication unmatched by most other industries can be found. It is that dedication and passion, that spirit of cooperation and commitment to the industry that we now wish to commend. Our gratitude to the committee members cannot be expressed enough or in ways that truly convey the depth of our appreciation. Without our Technical Review Committee, we’d be just another publication that scraped the news wires in hopes of finding something worthwhile for our readers. These exemplary professionals elevate us and themselves with their very presence.

The elder statesman. Peter S. Cartwright, PE, began writing technical articles for WC&P in March 1985 and is a co-founder of the committee, which launched in 1996. He has been in the water treatment industry since 1974, has authored over 300 articles, presented over 300 lectures in conferences around the world and has been awarded three patents. As a Professional Engineer, Cartwright’s expertise seems almost without boundary and encompasses high-technology separation processes such as RO, NF, UF, MF, electrodialysis, deionization, carbon adsorption, ozonation and distillation. From residential water softener installations to desalination plants in the Middle East, he’s written about it in the pages of WC&P. Cartwright has chaired several WQA committees and task forces and has received the association’s Award of Merit. He is often called as an expert witness and provides consultation services around the globe. Cartwright is also technical consultant to the Canadian Water Quality Association. At the upcoming WQA Convention & Exhibition, be sure to check out his highly-regarded, very informative and well-attended educational sessions. Everyone, even editors, learn something from Cartwright. He can be reached by phone (952) 854-4911 or email, [email protected] or visit his website,

The other Colonel Sanders look-alike. Gary Battenberg first wrote for WC&P in the March 2008 issue and became a member of the Technical Review Committee in April 2009. He is a 36-year veteran of the water treatment industry and his expertise spans the fields of domestic, commercial, industrial, high-purity and sterile water treatment processes. There is little Battenberg hasn’t done in his stellar career, including sales, service, design and manufacturing of water treatment systems and processes, utilizing a host of filtration, ion exchange, UV sterilization, RO and ozone technologies. Many may remember him from his Hague International days, others from his stint at Good Water Company in New Mexico. Battenberg is currently a Technical Support and Systems Design Specialist with the Fluid System Connectors Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation in Otsego, MI. Be sure to listen in on his presentations at the annual WQA convention as well. There’s a wealth of knowledge to be had and Battenberg is eager to share his expertise with you. He can be reached by phone at (269) 692-6632 or by email, [email protected].

The South Africa connection. Greg Reyneke, MWS, came to our notice via one of our perennial favorites, Executive Insight (now Corporate Profile), in the December 2006 issue. Our intrepid globetrotter hails from South Africa and travels extensively throughout the US and to many other countries in his position as Managing Director at Red Fox Advisors. Reyneke became a regular contributor to the Dealer Dynamics column in October 2008 and was invited to be a member of the Technical Review Committee a year later. With two decades of experience in the management and growth of dealerships, he has proven to be a soft-spoken but intensely passionate advocate for the water treatment industry, as well as a powerful voice for proper education and training. Reyneke’s enthusiasm is boundless and his efforts to raise the bar on excellence for everyone is magnanimous. His expertise spans the full gamut of residential, commercial and industrial applications, including wastewater treatment. In addition, Reyneke also consults on water conservation and reuse methods, including rainwater harvesting, aquatic ecosystems, greywater reuse and water-efficient design. He currently serves on the PWQA Board of Directors, chairing the Technical and Education Committee. You can follow Reyneke on his blog at


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