Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

As we gear up for the Christmas holidays and get ready to greet the new year, we are reminded that as each year passes (more quickly, it seems), we know more but still need to learn more. The dynamic nature of the water treatment industry and all that it embodies requires everyone to stay at the top of their game, every day of the year. Water scarcity is becoming an every-day topic all around the world, including the US. There are technologies to offset that issue but many are costly or not the solution for some areas. Still, there’s reason to believe that continued innovation in membrane technology will address some of the problems of note. With sustainability at the forefront of industry thinking, there must be a better mousetrap out there somewhere, even if only in someone’s imagination at the moment.

To deal with both scarcity and sustainability, desalination techniques have been evolving to include different products and processes. Even smaller-scale desalination plants require not only the right water source but huge amounts of energy as well. There’s always hope for better, cheaper solutions and someday, this technology may see more small-scale plants become the norm for coastal communities. In this issue, the International Desalination Association addresses current concerns and challenges facing the desalination industry, where growth is concentrated, and what to expect in the future.

The California Groundwater Association maintains a very loyal base of members who annually come together (usually) in Reno, NV. It’s a great place for members to engage regular and prospective clients, with a western flair thrown in for good measure. The familiarity of a smaller convention seems to make the event more hospitable and friendly. Across the pond, Aquatech Amsterdam attracted water treatment industry companies from across the globe. We show you a little bit of each in this issue in a pictorial display. We hope you enjoy seeing old friends and new, as much as we do.

Staying in business for a couple of decades is a huge milestone but celebrating a golden anniversary is a spectacular accomplishment. In this issue, Jeff Hellenbrand gives us a look at how a company makes success both a priority and a reality. Sales and marketing are core aspects of any business and the success of each is measured differently. While it is anticipated that marketing will pique the interest of clients, sales are closed when the right person has the right pitch. Harry Singer of Liquid Soap Products is a veteran of sales motivation. He treats us to an inside look of what a good closing sales argument requires. Dr. Kelly A. Reynolds, WC&P’s Public Health Editor, reports on the rising number of waterborne disease outbreaks in the US. Even with all of the treatment capabilities and technology available, there are still a large number of incidents every year, making POU treatment more necessary than ever before.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We’ll catch up with you after the festivities, when we all should be ready to take on a new year with even greater possibilities. With the onset of winter, we can take time to think both forward and back, hopefully making plans to be wherever the action is and to take advantage of the upcoming event schedule. We’re bound to find you there, so keep an eye out for WC&P International throughout the year.



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