By Donna Kreutz

The island of Bermuda was first settled in 1609 by shipwrecked English colonists. Tourism has been the mainstay here since Victorian times. In recent years, Bermuda has also become a prime destination for international offshore banking. “Island tradition holds that the water that falls from the sky is pure and perfect, just as it is. That’s our biggest challenge in the water treatment industry,” said Kevin J. Lanthier, General Manager of ClearWater Systems, whose service area is precisely 21 square miles of land mass with a population of 65,700.

“The unique method of catching and storing water has been in operation since the island was inhabited. Throughout this time and up to present day, it has been difficult to change the mindset of people taught that their method of water collection and storage guarantees safe, high-quality water. Unfortunately, this simply is not the case. Government and independent studies have proved the existence of coliform, E. coli, Salmonella and other dangerous contaminants. With our 20-year existence on the island, we are changing that mindset and educating home, business and corporate clients about the importance of water filtration and water quality control.

“Virtually all potable water used on the island is collected and stored in large tanks located underneath our homes and large buildings. This method of rainwater collection and storage is extremely sustainable and leading-edge for water conservation. This system of water collection does come with a price, however. Airborne contaminants, animal droppings and activity, vegetation growth and roof coverings all play a role in the state of the overall water quality that collects in our tanks. It is here that ClearWater excels. Our POU/POE water filtration and UV disinfection products are our best sellers and most sought-after systems for both residential and commercial building installations. These systems, in combination with analytical water testing, allow us to design, install and service our clients, giving peace of mind and assurances of safe, bacteria-free, potable water.”

Business is good and steadily expanding. In 2014, ClearWater established a professional relationship with Bermuda Environmental Laboratories Ltd. to supply a need for water analysis on the island. The lab offers wastewater plant analysis, as well as most of the water testing needs for the island’s residential, commercial and corporate clients.

Bermuda’s leading water treatment company
ClearWater was founded by Paul E. Claude, a Canadian native who built it into the leading water treatment company in Bermuda. Lanthier, also from Canada, joined the company four years ago. He began his career in the swimming-pool industry at the Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta, Canada, then worked as a certified environmental operations manager for a million-square-foot condominium in Toronto, Canada. “After a 15-year career, I married my Bermudian wife and we relocated to the island of Bermuda.” He worked for several years at the prestigious Rosewood Tucker’s Point Hotel and Spa before joining ClearWater.

“Throughout my career, water treatment has always been a focal point and water has been a way of life. The most rewarding thing about dealing with water is the fact that you’re always finding ways to improve, assist and implement new ideas, which in turn provides the best products and services to achieve the highest water quality possible. ClearWater has worked hard over the years with our overseas partners to become the leader in water treatment, equipment supply and service.”

This summer, ClearWater will share the international spotlight at the famed America’s Cup sailing event hosted this year by Bermuda. “This event is promoting a plastic bottle ban, which makes the need for our hydration stations pivotal to the success of the event.” The 2017 America’s Cup takes place May 21 through June 22. The main venue is a new nine-acre, reclaimed land mass built specifically for this event.

ClearWater teamed up with Bluewater Group and Elkay International to design, build and service six custom-made hydration stations featuring the BlueWater Spirit 300 SuperiorOsmosis system, which can produce more than 40 gallons (151 liters) of high-quality drinking water per hour. The stations dispense drinking water with the Elkay ezH20 bottling filling stations. Elkay and ClearWater also will supply and service their premium Blubar line and Fontemanga Bridge line of water dispensers for the VIP locations. Bluewater is a major sponsor for Team Artemis Racing from Sweden, a highly favored contender in the America’s Cup. Bluewater and ClearWater will supply Team Artemis with a state-of-the-art, virtually zero-waste drinking water program. “Using Bluewater’s purifier, we have been able to turn the 100-percent rainwater harvesting program into a premium drinking water program.”

Offering innovative products, unparalleled service
ClearWater services the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. “Residentially we focus on POE and POU drinking water systems. Commercially, we supply and service POU water systems, water coolers and chillers, assuring premium drinking water programs as well as high-quality water for coffee machines, ice makers and other water devices. We continue to build our client base with innovative products, unparalleled service agreements and a high level of proven results with respect to our products and offerings.” The company slogan is “Taste the Difference—Pure and Simple.”

“As potential clients are experiencing more and more water-related problems and illnesses, we find the need for our expertise and leadership only increasing,” Lanthier said. “We’re seeing an overall increase and demand for quality water filtration products and services. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of their water quality. In Bermuda the cost of living is quite high. Consumers are becoming abundantly aware of the need to protect their expensive home appliances and water-related equipment. Without proper filtration, the probability of foreign matter, suspended particles and debris entering the supply water stream has a direct negative affect on the operation of their appliances, fixtures and faucets. Consumers are learning that investing in water filtration and disinfection products offers more than improved water quality for consumption. It also gives assurance their investments in home appliances and water-related equipment are protected.”


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