Tuesday, March 28, 2017
8:00-8:50 AM:  Dues Honor Roll Forum
8:00-8:50 AM:  Trends & Critical Issues (0.1 CPD)
8:00-9:20 AM:  Manufacturer/Supplier/Retailer Section
9:00-9:50 AM:  Lead Treatment Threshold in POU Filters (0.1 CPD)
9:00-9:50 AM:  International Section/International Standards & Regulations
9:00-9:50 AM:  Understanding Legionella Occurrence and Prevention (0.1 CPD)
9:00-9:50 AM:  Water Disasters Task Force
9:00-10:20 AM:  Determining Peak Flow Rates with Fixture Counts (0.15 CPD)
9:00-10:50 AM:  Water Additives in Centralized Treatment (0.2 CPD)
10:00-10:50 AM:  Back to School: Overcoming the Hurdles of Supplying Treatment for Schools (0.1 CPD)
10:00-10:50 AM:  Challenges of Legionella Prevention Programs in Hospitals (0.1 CPD)
10:00-10:50 AM:  Communications Committee
10:00-10:50 AM:  State & Regional Government Affairs Committee
10:30-11:50 AM:  Calculating Capacity of Cation Exchange Softeners (0.1 CPD)
11:00-11:25 AM:  A Simple Approach to Ensuring 4-Log Virus Credit (0.05 CPD)
11:00-11:50 AM:  Federal Government Affairs Committee
11:00-11:50 AM:  Fluoride: Characteristics and Treatment Options (0.1 CPD)
11:00-11:50 AM:  Key Concepts in Corrosion Chemistry and Treatment (0.1 CPD)
11:00-11:50 AM:  WQA Sustainability Certification Program & Standards Update (0.05 CPD)
11:30-11:55 AM:  UV for Small Public Water System Compliance (0.05 CPD)
1:00-1:50 PM:  Key Findings of the 2017 WQA Consumer Survey
1:00-1:50 PM:  Water Sciences Committee
2:00-2:50 PM:  Ensuring the Perfect Microbrew (0.1 CPD)
2:00-2:50 PM:  Generations in the Work Place: The Amway Experience
2:00-2:50 PM:  Media Skills for the Water Treatment Industry
2:00-2:50 PM:  Membership Committee
2:00-2:50 PM:  Understanding Drinking Water Contaminant Regulations & the Gaps in the System (0.1 CPD)
2:00-3:20 PM:  Applying and Troubleshooting Reverse Osmosis at the Point-of-Use (0.15 CPD)
3:00-3:50 PM:  Industry Research Committee
3:00-3:50 PM:  Treating PFCs and PFOAs at the Point-of-Use (0.1 CPD)
3:00-3:50 PM:  Using WQA Research and Resources to Enhance your Credibility
3:00-4:20 PM:  Professional Certification & Training Committee
3:30-4:50 PM:  Whole-house Treatment with Membrane Technologies (0.15)
4:00-4:50 PM:  Building B-to-B Relationships with LinkedIn

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
7:30- 8:20 AM:  First Time Attendee/New Member Breakfast (Pre-registration required)
8:00-8:50 AM:  Commercial/Industrial Section Meeting (0.05 CPD)
8:00-8:50 AM:  Keys to FIFRA Compliance (0.1 CPD)
8:00-8:50 AM:  Positioning Your Company with Social Media as the Water Treatment Expert
8:00-8:50 AM:  Selling Your Sales Person
8:00-8:50 AM:  WQRF RAC (Invitation Only)
9:00-10:30 AM:  Opening General Session
11:30-12:20 PM:  Open session – Business Operations Headaches
2:30-3:20 PM:  Applying the Clack ‘No Hard Water Bypass’ and ‘Motorized Alternating Valves’ (0.1 CPD) (Trade Show Floor)
2:30-3:20 PM:  The Connected Home: Water Treatment and the Internet of Things (0.1 CPD)
(Trade Show Floor)
3:00-3:50 PM:  Food Service Applications for IX Softeners (0.1 CPD)
3:30-4:20 PM:  Uso de las válvulas Clack ‘NHBP (no paso de agua dura)’ y ‘MAV (Válvula Alternadora Motorizada)’ en sistemas de tratamiento de agua con tanques múltiples (Trade Show Floor)
5:30-7:30 PM:  Welcome Reception

Thursday, March 30, 2017
6:30-7:20 AM:  5K Fun Run/Walk
8:00-8:25 AM:  The New Rainwater Harvesting Systems Standard (0.05 CPD)
8:00-8:50 AM:  Pump Sizing/Well Pump Basics (0.1 CPD)
8:00-9:20 AM:  Events Committee
8:30-8:55 AM:  Solutions for Common Plumbing Code Violations (0.05 CPD)
8:30-9:20 AM:  Development Committee
9:00-10:25 AM:  Dealer Section Meeting
11:30-NOON:  The Latest Buzz in Lead Generation (Trade Show Floor)
1:00-2:00 PM:  Valve breakdown, Pentair (Trade Show Floor)
1:00-2:20 PM:  State & Regional WQA Section
4:00-4:50 PM:  BOD Meeting

Friday, March 31, 2017
8:00-11:50 AM:  Commercial/Industrial RO Workshop
8:00-11:50 AM:  MEP Workshop: Fundamentals Module

(all times/locations subject to change)


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