Calgon Carbon Corporation announced that the Department of Commerce (DOC) has determined the amount of anti-dumping tariffs to be assessed on imports of steam-activated carbon from China that entered the US between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015. The new import tariff rate to be applied to the 17 additional entities that requested a separate tariff rate is $0.617 per pound, which represents increases from rates previously in effect and the separate tariff rate. The rate to be applied to entities that have not previously obtained a company-specific rate continues to be $1.10 per pound. The new tariff rates become the cash deposit rate applied to future imports. If a company deposited less than its new tariff rate on Chinese AC imported during the review period, it will be required to pay additional duties; conversely, if it deposited more than the new rate, it will receive a refund. The announced tariffs may be modified to correct any errors made by the DOC. Calgon Carbon continues to be subject to the separate tariff rate with respect to steam activated carbon products it imports into the US from China.


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