Jul2016_Ciaccio_mugKenneth R. Ciaccio Sr., known as ‘the Chach’ to his many friends in the water treatment industry, passed away on March 12; he was born in Montreal, Canada in 1945. Ciaccio attended the University of Detroit, where he received a chemical engineering degree in 1969. He earned an MBA degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1973. Ciaccio spent many years in the activated carbon and ion exchange industry (working for ResinTech, Inc. until 2009) and was the Founder and President of KC International, a filter media service and supply company. A gifted athlete, he played hockey in his younger days, was signed as a shortstop for the NY Mets and was an avid golfer. Ciaccio also enjoyed going to the Santa Anita Race Track, where he had an ownership interest in some of the horses that raced there. He also was a talented karaoke singer and would often be asked to sing at parties. Ciaccio is survived by his mother, Carmen Ciaccio, wife, Adele and son, Kenneth G. Ciaccio, Jr. A memorial service, including a dedicated horse race, was held in his honor at the Santa Anita Race Track in May.


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