Defining the operational age of a well and redefining the life expectations of a new well will be explored in two presentations to be offered during the 2017 William A. McEllhiney Distinguished Lecture Series in Water Well Technology, by 2017 McEllhiney Distinguished Lecturer Michael Schnieders, PG, PH-GW. He will present Defining the Operational Age of a Well: Predicting Maintenance Issues in Advance of Failure and Redefining Life Expectations of New Wells Through an Analysis of Past Failures. Schnieders is the principal hydrogeologist and President of Water Systems Engineering Inc., is involved with well characterization and consults on the operation and maintenance of potable water systems. Schnieders is the son of the second McEllhiney Distinguished Lecturer John H. Schnieders, PhD, FAIC, CPC, whose 2002 lecture was Chemical Rehabilitation of Wells.


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