A new expert advisory service for the water-cooler home and office delivery service sector has been launched by Zenith International. The Zenith Dashboard will inform and guide managers on all key performance indicators, including systems audits, best-practice templates, benchmarking with industry standards, mentoring, marketing support, technical solutions and a helpline for more immediate advice. Additional services will include financial accounting, legal, recruitment and staffing expertise. According to 2016 Zenith Report on USA Bottled & POU Water Coolers, the US water cooler market expanded to nearly 5.8 million units installed at the end of 2015, up 6.5 percent over 2013. 2015 marked a fifth consecutive year of volume and value growth. Bottled water coolers continued to dominate with a 76.5-percent share, but POU mains water coolers have climbed rapidly to a 23.5-percent share. In the 2016 Zenith Report on Flavoured Functional Water, the global market for functional waters surged ahead in 2015, rising by an estimated 12 percent in volume and 11 percent in value. The market is forecast to double over the next five years, primarily driven by rapid growth in the Asia Pacific region.


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