The IAPMO Group’s EGS testing and certification division for electrical products has received accreditation as a certification body by the Standards Council of Canada. Because IAPMO EGS was recognized by OSHA as a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL) last year, electrical products labeled with the IAPMO EGS certification mark now meet the criteria necessary for acceptance by authorities having jurisdiction throughout the US and Canada. The accreditation includes products for use in the electro-plumbing and pool/spa industries. IAPMO EGS is also accredited by ANAB to test to more than 30 electrical, mechanical, plumbing and US EPA Energy Star® standards covering pool and spa, bathtub and irrigation equipment, electric faucets and bidets, personal hygiene and health care appliances and suction fittings. In addition, IAPMO R&T has earned approval to begin certifying high-efficiency flushometer-valve water closets to US EPA’s new final specification for the WaterSense® program. Flushometer-valve toilets are typically found in commercial, institutional or industrial restrooms and have two main components: the toilet bowl and the flushometer valve.


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