Feb2016_Bogatz_Neil mugSenior Vice President and General Counsel Neil Bogatz, Esq. has retired from IAPMO. In January, he became a consultant for the company and will continue to represent IAPMO as Chair of the ANSI Executive Standards Council and Vice Chair of the Intellectual Property Rights Policy Committee (IPRPC). Bogatz joined IAPMO as General Counsel in 2000 and in addition to his legal responsibilities, represented IAPMO on numerous ANSI committees. Feb2016_Bogatz_Monte mugMonte Bogatz will assume the role of Senior Vice President and General Counsel. He has been with IAPMO since June 2010 and over the past five years has been directly involved in The IAPMO Group’s newest ventures. Feb2016_Koffman mugHeather Koffman has been promoted to Vice President and Associate General Counsel. She will continue to assist in all aspects of the Group. IAPMO has also promoted Duane Huisken to Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications and Mitchell Morris to Senior Vice President of Information Technology. Feb2016_Huisken mugHuisken joined IAPMO in 2007, having previously performed marketing, sales and product development for such manufacturing giants as Lafarge, James Hardie and Oldcastle. Feb2016_Morris mugMorris also came to IAPMO in 2007 after leading Strategic Point, LLC, a provider of technical and operational strategy consulting services, as Managing Partner. Prior to that he managed worldwide IT operations for an internationally branded architectural firm.


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