The WateReuse Association presented the 2015 WateReuse Award of Excellence to nine leaders in alternative water supply development during a September 15 luncheon in Seattle, WA: WateReuse Project of the Year (Large): Sparta Reuse Facility, West Monroe, LA; WateReuse Project of the Year (Small): Woodland Creek Groundwater Recharge Facility, Lacey, WA; WateReuse Industrial Project of the Year: Kooragang Recycled Water Scheme, New South Wales, Australia; WateReuse Agriculture Project of the Year: Pure Water Monterey, Monterey, CA; WateReuse Innovative Project of the Year: WaterHub on-site water reclamation system, Emory University, Atlanta, GA; WateReuse Equipment Supplier/Manufacturer of the Year: TrojanUV, Ontario, Canada; WateReuse Public Education Program of the Year: King County (WA) Wastewater Treatment Division’s Education Program; WateReuse Customer of the Year: Sample McDougal House Preservation Society, Pompano Beach, FL; WateReuse Person of the Year: Karla Fowler, Director of Community Relations and Environmental Policy for LOTT Clean Water Alliance, Olympia, WA.


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