Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

I blinked and it was gone! It’s hard to tell, though, with the lack of seasonal changes in Tucson. And it’s still hot so we harbor the illusion of endless summertime here in the desert Southwest. School has already started in some areas, and with that, there’s less time hanging out by the pool. For many, though, the changing seasons will see pools drained and covered for another year.

We tend to forget that moving toward fall doesn’t mean the risk of dehydration
isn’t still a public (and private) health concern. In fact, for much of the US, unseasonably warm temperatures in some areas have left many wondering if seasons will change with a bang or a whimper, which makes it even more important for water consumption to remain consistent with seasonal temperatures. Whether a home or business is enjoying cool, refreshing water from the tap, water cooler or water bottle, the necessity remains for maintaining good hydration practices.

In this issue, we take a look at water coolers and bottled water. How have they
shaped your business? George Dzuira, Technical Service Director for MTN Products, offers insights on how to establish yourself in the water cooler industry with practical tips and hints. IBWA Communications Director Chris Hogan provides an update on the bottled water industry, including a forward-looking view of what to expect in the coming year. Additionally, due to much stricter quality requirements that have developed over the years, we are repeating an excellent early article about on-site testing for bottled water by Michael Neiheiser of National Testing Laboratories. Rounding out our coverage, Bill Blades relates why the VP of Sales is and should be one of the most important positions in a company. And finally, Dr. Kelly Reynolds, Public Health Editor, takes a closer look at the recent Legionella outbreak in cooling towers in New York. This issue offers something for everyone, including good pointers and advice.

As we go to press, we’re gearing up for the 2015 WQA Mid-Year Leadership Conference, which will be in my backyard. We’ll be there to welcome attendees, take part in meetings, seminars, focus groups and task forces. The best way to improve our industry is through knowledge. Attending national and regional WQA conferences is your best source for current news about policies, developments, technology, regulatory issues and more. We hope to see you here, or maybe at another upcoming venue. Remember, we adapt and evolve collectively, by harnessing each individual’s talents.


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