By Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

The weather forecast for the American Southwest just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it? An historic drought has brought California agriculture to its knees. Small communities have completely run out of water. What appears to be unusual weather in the form of higher temperatures and more severe storms is adding to the toll. What does this mean for the average dealer? Plenty! There are more and broader opportunities for dealers to seek out, including water recycling and reuse. And people need your expertise to help them overcome Mother Nature’s adversity.

As a tried and true water treatment technology, reverse osmosis spans all markets and offers end users a sense of security about their drinking water. With failing infrastructure around the country, and lack of political will rather than scientific practical solutions being the primary source for failure to fix the issue, more people may question the safety of their in-home water. From bacterial and emerging contaminants to personal care products ending up in the pipeline, literally, RO will continue to be a go-to strategy. And for those who are engaging in re-use, rainwater harvesting, desalination and other technologies, the time is perfect for being on the front line of innovative use of existing water treatment options.

In this issue, Peter Cartwright examines the role of RO and other technologies in this ever-changing industry. The old standby technologies aren’t going away but it’s time to look at newer incarnations of what is available for successful treatment. John Meland, HaloSource, takes a look at a treatment modification of water that may become a mainstay in the industry: recovering and recycling water on construction sites rather than using potable water supplies. In addition, Public Health Editor Kelly Reynolds provides an overview of how POU water filtration is saving lives in California.

Do you have a good product supply line in place? If not, Steve Husome of Allied Purchasing provides insight about purchasing power gained through purchasing groups. It’s worth considering to ensure availability and competitive pricing. Dale Filhaber makes the case that businesses are not gaining in the technology revolution unless they are willing to meet the demands of the mobile marketplace. She gives a good overview of why and how to position for this latest technology revolution. Are your salespeople not at the top of their game? Tom Cooksey offers a view of why they may be failing.

There’s a lot of ground to cover in the water treatment industry. It’s not just about conditioners and softeners anymore. As water infrastructure fails more spectacularly and water resource management becomes more of a political hot potato, it’s the end user who needs the most help. There are no lobbyists on their side. It’s the treatment specialists, dealers and manufacturers who are of the most benefit and value to consumers. Let’s make sure they know we are out there and ready to be on their side in the latest versions of water warfare.


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