By David H. Martin

3M demos new Dealer iPad sales presentation app
Mark Howlett showed off 3M Purification’s new iPad sales presentation in its booth at WQA Aquatech. “The digitized iPad sales presentation is easily customized for individual dealers,” said Howlett. “We think it’s the most exciting customer engagement tool available in the industry and its exclusive to 3M authorized dealers.

“These are water treatment dealers who make a commitment to purchase and market 3M brand products, which they buy direct from 3M. We started with a group of Water Factory System dealers who pledged to support the 3M brand going forward. (Note: While the Water Factory brand still exists, it is not part of the 3M authorized dealer program.) The authorized dealer program launch was at the WQA show three years ago and currently includes around 40 independent dealers who want a comprehensive product marketing program that will differentiate them from others.”

The iPad authorized dealer sales presentation is a brand new, powerful combination of interactive visual and informational content, including 360-degree product presentations. It lets the dealer make a full in-home sales presentation. Authorized dealers are licensed by 3M to download the app from the Apple iStore website. Each dealer has a unique version that can be easily customized to the dealer’s needs. “Starting with that dealer’s branding,” explained Howlett, “the program smoothly integrates 3M branding elements with education, water quality information, in-home testing and scale simulation for water hardness. And it provides a virtual walk-through the home that helps customers pick and choose appropriate products and locations.”

Dow Water & Process Solutions introduces its 500-gpd membrane
“Utilizing advanced membrane technology,” explained Filipe Pinto in Dow’s WQA booth, “the new DOW FILMTEC 500-gpd element delivers an exceptional balance of flow and high rejection The new high production membrane for residential drinking water systems delivers an industry-leading flowrate of 98 percent stabilized salt rejection,” said Pinto. Other product attributes include: long lifetimes on high-hardness water applications; fast start-up to reach stabilized rejection; high active membrane area and multi-leaf design for optimized performance; dry shipping for convenient handling and long shelf life, plus proven consistency and long membrane life. Dow also showcased its 75- and 100-gpd membranes for the residential market.

Two industry associations tout separate sustainability standards
WQA, represented by Sustainability Certification Supervisor Stuart Mann, joined its first two members achieving certification to date, 3M and Omnipure, exhibiting in Las Vegas. WQA/ASPE/ANSI S-803 for sustainable drinking water systems is currently geared to drinking water treatment systems and components that utilize activated carbon, string-wound and/or PP/PE filters. Eventually the standard will cover all common treatment system technologies, said Mann. (see “Why Embrace WQA Certified Sustainability? WC&P, May 2015.)

NSF International, represented by Program Development Manager Jenny Oorbeck, touted its new standard, which supports sustainability initiatives in the water treatment chemical industry. Partnering with the American Water Works Association (AWWA), this joint certification standard focuses on the production and use of more sustainable treatment chemical products. NSF/AWWA/ANSI 416 is compatible but not competitive with the WQA sustainability standard. Certification to NSF/AWWA/ANSI 416 is based on point totals. Manufacturers or distributors working with a certified manufacturer must meet all prerequisite requirements and a minimum number of applicable optional criteria for their product to be certified. Certified products and related advertising or marketing materials may carry the NSF International Sustainability Certified mark and are included in NSF International’s certified product listings.

Consumers prefer environmentally responsible businesses
For those businesses looking to gain a competitive edge or hold their own in the marketplace, a new study from global market research firm GfK suggests they would do well to emphasize their record on environmental responsibility. The results from a survey of more than 28,000 consumers from 23 countries show that more than 75 percent of those questioned agreed with the statement that companies and brands must be environmentally responsible. In addition, more than 60 percent of the respondents said they only purchase products and services that align with their values, beliefs, or ideals and a similar number said they feel guilty when they act in a way that is not environmentally friendly – including the purchases that they make.

In the US, these numbers are slightly lower, with two-thirds supporting the need for environmental responsibility with slightly more than half agreeing with both statements on purchasing based on beliefs and feeling remorse when they act contrary to their beliefs on environmental responsibility. There was little difference between genders on the question of environmental responsibility, but women polled slightly ahead by three percentage points (78 to 75). Among age groups, those in the 30 to 39 range agreed at an 80 percent rate, with 40–49 year-olds and 60 and older following closely at 78 and 77 percent, respectively. Slightly more than two-thirds of the 15-19 bracket were in agreement.

As far as purchases based on adherence to these beliefs, women and men concurred (63 percent each). Among age groups, 68 percent of 30-39 year-olds and 65 percent of 20–29 year-olds led the way, while the youngest and the oldest age brackets (15-19 and 60+) registered at 57 percent. When it came to guilt feelings when making decisions that conflicted with these beliefs, women were slightly ahead of men by 64 to 61 percent. Sixty-five percent of individuals 20-39 think along these lines compared, to 58 percent of respondents 50 and older.

By contrast, only six percent of those polled said companies do not need to demonstrate environmental responsibility. Similarly, 11 percent said they do not purchase products and services solely on their environmental views and 14 percent said they have no regrets when their actions are not considered environmentally irresponsible.

Seen at the national restaurant show…
The annual National Restaurant Association trade show is where 65,000+ food-service professionals from around the world come to observe the latest trends in the food-service industry, from ingredients to water dispensing and filtration products. This year the show was held May 16-19 in Chicago’s McCormick Place. Water-related exhibitors included 3M Food Service, Aquasana, Blupura, John Guest, Pentair Everpure/SHURflo, Erie, Natura Water and Vivreau Water Systems.

Vivreau ( showed its line of on-site bottling systems with reusable glass bottles. “With our new Vi Tap dispenser,” said Shanon Kelly, VP Marketing, “we’re proud to be the first in the restaurant industry to offer chilled, still, sparkling and boiling water from a single tap.” Natura Water Systems ( presented a system that combines triple filtration from a stainless steel dispenser with luxury reusable one-liter bottles.

John Guest ( presented a display of quick-connect fittings for food service water filtration, plus a new fitting for water softener valves. Erie Water Treatment ( introduced its H2O Optimo wi-fi-enabled water monitoring system that incorporates advanced water treatment monitoring and control technology to give users “unprecedented ability to operate more efficiently and sustainably, day in and day out, year after year,” according to Eddie Garmon, Executive VP. The company also showed its new cabinet water softeners, developed specifically for the harsh working conditions found in commercial hospitality operations.

EnviroPure ( showed its selfcontained, continual-feed organic waste disposal system. The system is said to be ideal for facilities producing large volumes of food waste and according to EnviroPure’s Jim Salina, “yields only environmentally safe greywater, using a 100-percent process, acceptable in most municipalities. An organic vitamin extract is automatically added to break down food waste and a water recirculation system helps conserve water and reduce costs.”

Pentair/Everpure showcased several advanced filtration products. The Endurance SC is a new, high-flow filtration system for high-volume food service operators. The self-cleaning model features flushable hollow-fiber technology that is environmentally friendly, generating approximately half the wastewater of competitive systems. “It’s ideal for locations that suffer from extreme particulates in the water supply,” explained Roy Parker, Pentair’s Director of Marketing, Global Foodservice.

Each year, the best and brightest inventions and innovations are brought to market and showcased at the best trades shows. Make it a point to visit some of these shows to keep abreast of what’s new in your product categories. Being well informed about products and processes gives you, the dealer, an edge by being at the forefront when new products hit the streets. Your customers will appreciate knowing their options are expanded and that you have personally taken the initiative to find out more on their behalf.

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