Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

By the time you sit down to read this issue, we will have another successful WQA Aquatech event under our belt, been able to get even more impressions from the movers and shakers in this industry about where it’s headed and have access to the latest and greatest products and technologies. As usual, nothing stays the same for very long, even in industry. So which direction do you take when you’ve brought your company through the worst economic times in decades? The one that will give you the best results, of course, which could mean that it’s time to start changing your approach on how to treat water more effectively. Technologies that used to be reserved for the higher-end or larger application markets are beginning to find their place in residential and small commercial applications. Take UV, for example. We now have appliances with built-in UV disinfection and more are coming our way. It’s a technology that not many are used to dealing with when selling water treatment but the opportunities are emerging.

In this, our UV issue, we take a look back at Paul Overbeck’s article on why UV is a sustainable technology. When we think of that term, it means different things to different people. It has lacked a consensus definition until recently. In his Creative Marketing column, Contributing Editor David H. Martin shows how sustainability is coming to the forefront of water treatment products. To treat water to the highest degree of efficacy and efficiency, we must first know what’s in the water. Marianne Metzger of National Testing Labs presents the steps to take to ensure you have the right answers to present clients with the best possible solution to their water treatment issues. Public Health Editor Dr. Kelly Reynolds, who again offered an insightful and informative presentation at WQA Aquatech, discusses the pros and cons of POU devices. Her take on a question she is asked constantly is a good evaluation of the whys and wherefores that water treatment dealers must explain on a regular basis.

The reality of life is that change happens all around us, all the time. We may not notice until confronted with new challenges or the realization dawns that there’s a better mousetrap. To maintain competitiveness, every dealer, manufacturer, distributor and industry player must keep abreast of what is happening. That’s why WC&P International continues to work so hard on your behalf. To be successful, it takes a team effort and we’re part of your team, even if it’s not always evident. Enjoy this issue and keep in mind that we strive to be as cutting edge, informative and inclusive as possible. We welcome your input and suggestions. Write an article for us and help others in the industry by sharing your expertise and knowledge. For now, keep moving forward and help change the world for all of us, one step at a time.




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