Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

Maybe you are reading this as you are preparing or are in transit to WQA Aquatech 2015 in Las Vegas, NV. If so, this issue is a companion to some of the educational sessions and presentations that will be must-see events for those seeking to branch out. Although the economy has begun to improve, there are still broad gaps that need to be filled, such as finding suitable and qualified employees, examining additional markets and learning about commercial or industrial projects.

The means to an end sometimes requires more detailed examination than one would initially believe. Such is the case with commercial and industrial water treatment. For the dealer who has been successful in the residential water treatment market and wants to branch out into other projects, a great deal of self-education is the first task to accomplish. For a few years now, WQA has been hosting presentations for dealers and manufacturers who wish to take on the challenges of C&I applications. Larger dealers have become mentors to other dealers who seek to engage this much broader market. There are pitfalls and there are rewards. Not everyone is suited for these much larger and more complex applications.

In our commercial and industrial issue, we look at these prospects. Gary Battenberg of Parker Hannafin, discusses with WC&P International staff the realities of emerging trends and what it will take for dealers to take advantage of them. Rick VanSant of UV Pure offers a case study for a resort that sought to end its water quality difficulties with UV disinfection, after being under a boil-water advisory for a decade. Greg Reyneke offers insight to those who would like to engage the commercial market with a no-nonsense and practical approach to market entry. Dr. Kelly A. Reynolds, Public Health Editor, discusses industrial waste risk and management, which ultimately affects potable water supplies. It is this aspect of water treatment that begs attention from consumers and dealers. What comes out of the pipe at the plant may not be what comes into the house and the need for suitable treatment at homes and businesses is increasing.

Conference season has already begun and as we make our way to Las Vegas, we hope you will stop by booths 737 and 739 and bring a friend. Have them fill out a subscription form to ensure they, too, get to enjoy the benefits of being well-informed and up to date on the water treatment market by having access to WC&P International on a regular basis. Drop off your business card with a short note if you happen to miss us. We’ll be there and everywhere, just like you, seeking out the latest and greatest that industry manufacturers and suppliers have to offer!


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