By Denise M. Roberts

Steve’s Plumbing
2602 E. Battlefield Boulevard
Bentonville, AR 72712
Tel: (479) 631-8804 or (479) 361-2757
Fax: (479) 271-5377 and
Employees: Four
Service vehicles: Three

As the water treatment industry changes to meet regulatory requirements on the state and federal levels, the singlefocus dealership has been joined by a variety of other disciplines to ensure consumers they have the best possible water. So it is in Arkansas, which requires water treatment equipment to be installed only by a licensed plumber, where Steve’s Plumbing provides a valuable service to the community. The company’s motto, The jogging plumber gets your plumbing running! covers far more than just plumbing.

Steve’s Plumbing, a family-owned business that got its start in 1987, began offering water treatment in 2010 as a certified Hague Water Treatment Systems dealership. “We had an employee who believed in water purification,” said owner Steve Beaver. “He talked to us about chemicals and impurities in the water. Hardness in this area is six to nine grains, which is considered moderately hard, while wells are about 10 to 13 grains. We reviewed the yearly water department reports and agreed there was a need for this type of system. Then we researched water treatment systems and found that Hague systems help take out the chlorine in the water. We installed one of the units in our home and could tell immediately that our skin was not drying out from the chlorine; our hair and skin was also softer.”

Beaver is proud to be a Hague Dealer. “These systems have the Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal of Approval. Since 1960, Hague Quality Water has been manufacturing the most reliable and efficient water treatment systems in the US. We are water treatment specialists, experienced, knowledgeable and eager to offer expert installation and service.” The company serves Washington, Benton and Carroll counties in the northwest corner of Arkansas, where sulfur and iron are a big problem in well systems. “The city sends out reports but people never really read them,” Beaver noted. “We sell a unit that is made to fit a specific kind of problem. We test the water and find out what is needed for a customer’s water supply, then special-order the system with those specifications, based on what is found in the testing. The Hague water systems are not one-size-fits-all; our technicians, Mike Davis and Pat Fyffe, are trained specifically on how to install and sell the systems we offer. We know that to stay in business, you have to be the trusted experts and you have to ‘do what you say and say what you do.’ With dishwashers, washers and water heaters changing, using less water and manufacturers having to meet energy efficiency standards, it is more important than ever to have softer and cleaner water. The hardness in the water can play a big part in how these appliances operate and hard water will definitely make them inefficient.”

A member of the Better Business Bureau and Home Builders Association, the company has won Best of Best awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014. “We are not a company that has just gone into business,” said Beaver. “We are strictly a service company for the residential and commercial markets, so the majority of our water-system customers come from our service calls we do each day. And we guarantee all our work. We are here to take care of the customer and help them understand that with all the growth in our area, the water supply is changing. Our mission is to educate our customers on the benefits of having a water purification system, which also helps reduce wear and tear on the water heater, faucets and toilets, so they can make informed decisions. At the front end of the process are Nancy Jones, our Customer Service Representative and my wife, Rose (our Office Manager) to make sure we fulfill consumer expectations. Our customers are well-informed and Internet-savvy. We tell them about the systems so they can also do research online. And because pricing is always a concern, we have several different systems we can offer to fit a customer’s budget. Financing is an option we offer to our customers and we also take credit cards.”

Looking at future prospects, Beaver said: “This industry may have a growth spurt in northwest Arkansas because of all the people moving into our area. Our business model for the next five to 10 years is to grow the water purification side of the business. We want to expand our staff to include a salesperson who dedicates his time to helping customers understand the need and benefits of having a system installed in their home. As people become aware of the very  noticeable chlorine smell of the water, which the city has to add to meet regulatory standards, and appliances are manufactured to meet higher energy efficient standards, the need for soft water will become greater. We see a broad path in front of us and hope to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that we believe are coming our way.”


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