According to the Arizona Water Quality Association, HB 2117, the water softener efficiency bill that barely passed out of the Arizona House, has died in the Senate. Expect to see it back next year, perhaps with a few twists and turns.

North America

Blue-White® patent award announced

US Patent 8,639,363: A method used to control two or more positive displacement pumps in a system, has been awarded to Blue-White Industries. The system ensures that two or more positive displacement pumps operating in a system together will run only if all pumps in the system are running, which can reduce costs by eliminating the need for separate pump controllers for each unit. This patented, new feature is currently available on the company’s Flex-Pro® A3 and A4 and Proseries-M® M-3 and M-4 metering pumps.

Growth of groundwater awareness noted by NGWA

While it’s said that groundwater is out of sight and out of mind for many people, that is becoming less true as NGWA’s National Groundwater Awareness Week continues to grow in reach and impact each year. Just one indicator of progress in raising public awareness about groundwater is the record number of nearly 400 websites that promoted the 16th edition of Groundwater Awareness Week, March 9-15. In Illinois alone, at least 10 county health departments promoted groundwater awareness to constituents, such as Lake County, which offered discounted water tests to well owners.

Major upgrade for clean water rules proposed

US EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers proposed an administrative rule to close loopholes in the Clean Water Act that have left more than half of America’s streams and millions of wetland acres unprotected from pollution. This comes after a decade of uncertainty over the jurisdiction of the act, following Supreme Court challenges in 2001 and 2006. The new rule would restore protections to 20-million acres of wetlands and more than half the nation’s streams. US EPA published the proposed rule in the Federal Register in April and announced a 90-day public comment period. That process will provide the opportunity for individuals and organizations to provide input to the agency on ways that the rule can be further improved upon.

Bluedrop acquisition news

Bluedrop announced the company has been acquired by Mark Dickinson (one of the company’s original shareholders) and Brendan Dickinson, who has served as a key member of Bluedrop’s leadership team for the past three years. Effective January 1, the Dickinsons became majority owners of the Randolph, MA‐based company, which is operating under the name Bluedrop LLC, offering an extensive portfolio of purified water and ice equipment, focusing on three distinct product/business categories: purified water and ice-vending kiosks; purified office water coolers and healthy vending (snacks) with kiosks that often include a purified water refilling station. The company is actively seeking strategic partnerships, investment partners and vending machine locations. For more information, visit, call (877) 662-PURE or email [email protected].

Aquionics distributor named

Aquionics has increased its exposure to customers in industrial markets by appointing Ryan Herco Flow Solutions (Burbank, CA) as its new distributor. The company will represent the Aquionics line of UV disinfection systems across the US. Ryan Herco Flow Solutions has over 65 years of experience providing fluid handling and filtration products to customers in the aquatics, general industrial, water and wastewater, chemical processing, life sciences and food and beverage markets. The company has over 75 outside sales reps and locations in 20 states.


Krones certification announced

Krones announced it will purposefully extend the integrated management system (IMS) introduced at its German plants in 2009 to cover its facilities abroad. The widely diversified spectrum ranges from energy-saving measures to raising staff awareness for quality, environmental protection and occupational safety. Following the successful certification of Brazilian subsidiary Krones do Brasil Ltda., Krones’ Chinese subsidiary, Krones Machinery Co. Ltd. in Taicang has been awarded its initial certification with the IMS Certificate for Quality (DIN EN ISO 9001), Environmental Protection (DIN EN ISO 14001) and Occupational Safety (BS OHSAS 18001). Krones Inc. in Franklin, WI is set to follow by the end of 2014.

SIWI offices relocated

The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) has grown exponentially over recent years and now consists of 65 full-time staff members. This rapid growth has meant the organization has outgrown its previous office location. As of April 1, SIWI relocated to a central Stockholm location, remaining in close proximity to Global Water Partnership (who will move into premises close by). SIWI will also become neighbors with the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, continuing its long history of collaboration. The new address is Linnégatan 87A, Box 101 87, 100 55 Stockholm, Sweden.

Latin America

Desalitech, Veolia MOU for Mexico recovery water solutions signed

Desalitech has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies in which both companies agree to negotiate a partnership agreement to bring advanced, cost-effective, high-recovery water solutions to Mexico and additional countries worldwide. The MOU was signed in Mexico City as part of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s Massachusetts–Mexico Partnership Mission. The two companies have been collaborating in Mexico and the US and are moving forward with their cooperation. The intended partnership combines the commercial, technical and execution strengths of Veolia with the leadership in high-efficiency RO water treatment and wastewater reuse of Desalitech.


World Water Summit speakers named

The upcoming World Water Summit on May 30 in Sydney, Australia will bring hundreds of dedicated water project leaders to report on the latest advances. The event will feature Vanessa Tobin, formerly head of the Water, Sanitation and Environment Programs for UNICEF and currently the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program Manager for Catholic Relief Services, talking about successfully working with multi-lateral organizations. Other keynote speakers include: Braimah Apambire, Director of the Center for International Water & Sustainability at the Desert Research Institute; Cathy Leslie, Executive Director of Engineers Without Borders; Tim Prewitt, CEO of International Development Enterprises; Edward Kairu, Executive Director of Maji na Ufanisi (Water and Development) in Nairobi and Dr. Bob Scott, Chair of Rotary International’s Polio Eradication Committee. For more info, visit


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