Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

Coldest temperatures on record. Snow totals in one day that would normally fall over a week-long period. Chemical spill that causes continuing panic. Driest year on record. We’ve all heard these news stories over the past few weeks. Some have made us take notice of an even greater need to be ready to assist communities in dire conditions on a moment’s notice. Who needs scare tactics when Mother Nature continues to provide such opportunities for our industry?

Whether it’s cyclic weather events, carelessness or lack of oversight, the news around the country is full of these announcements. The need for water treatment dealers who are at the forefront of providing water safety to concerned citizens is presenting itself on multiple levels. From adversely impacted municipal water systems to household water supply, the best-selling tactics pale in comparison to the very real opportunities handed to us on a silver platter. So what do we do about it? The water professional becomes the vanguard of rescue, assurance and education.

To assist the water treatment community, our monthly features are purposeful, informative and hopefully, part of the dealer toolkit. WC&P International takes great pains to ensure we are providing readers the most up-to-date and useful information. This month, we bring you a Greg Reyneke example of keeping things straightforward and simple. Matt Wirth delves into the necessity of making accurate calculations for water softening applications. Matt Moes taps into emerging markets for water treatment and how they may enhance the prospects of US dealers and manufacturers. Dr. Lee Wilson tracks a new nanotechnology, chitosan, that is making a move toward broader use. Dr. Kelly Reynolds delves into phthalates, a substance that is ubiquitous to the plastics industry but being closely watched for possible health hazards.

Each new threat to our dwindling water resources in the US requires a new approach, better products and deeper science to accommodate the changes this industry is trying to address. Some may be over the top, others uniquely creative. Finding the right chemistry or the right mechanics is the best solution to foreseeable (and unknown) consequences of life on this planet. Manufacturers are seeking good talent and great ideas to adapt to constantly changing conditions and regulations. But it doesn’t stop there. Industry experts will come together at WQA Aquatech in Orlando, FL to promote their newest and best hopes to meet the demands of the future. Be a part of the solution by finding your market and your audience. There’s no better place to start than WQA Aquatech.



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