Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

“Things are better than they were in 2012.” “It was worse than 2012.” “It hasn’t been better since 2006 and it probably won’t be for years to come.” All of these comments have been heard over the past few months, depending on which conference or exhibition was attended. For some markets, business marched on, quietly making small gains and allowing companies to hold their own. But the broader picture is what is still on everyone’s mind. While gains may have been made in some niche markets, the lack of growth in the US economy, and the fear that it will continue, has been the poke in the eye everyone wanted to avoid.

We’re dreamers, first and foremost, until we hit the reality of adulthood. Those who don’t lose the ability to dream are the innovators, movers and shakers. But how to dream of the next big thing when you’re mired in red ink and have few future prospects? It takes guts and lots more work than ever before to make a difference. Overcoming odds that are not of your making is the unfairest part of the equation but the result is being able to say: “We did it, in spite of a collapsed economy, government failures and onerous legislation!”

We cover one of those success stories in this issue, noting Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation’s golden anniversary. The groundwater industry also measures some successes over the past year, as we report in our coverage of the California Groundwater Association’s 65th annual convention. PWQA’s annual convention is a perennial success story, as we note in a recap of their October event. Also in this issue, C.F. ‘Chubb’ Michaud completes his series on hydrodynamic design and our newest Technical Reviewer Matt Wirth addresses arsenic issues, while Dr. Kelly Reynolds gives us her insight on Legionella in US water systems.

The end of the year is also the time to celebrate. And while many are suffering the doldrums about their still-not-improving prospects, taking the time to step back and embrace the family during the holidays can add a lot to how we look toward next year. So march on, water soldiers! There’s more at stake now and we can’t afford to fail either our customers or ourselves. Here’s to the stalwarts and dreamers, a toast to everyone who has made this industry continue to perform well in spite of all the difficulties. May your Christmas be bright and beautiful and your New Year celebration be marked with hope and confidence!



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