By Anthony Quaranta

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation
375 Marcus Boulevard
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Tel: (631) 273-0500
[email protected]

Since 1963, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation has pioneered the discovery and development of beneficial and environmentally sound uses of ultraviolet energy to purify, disinfect and sanitize water, liquid and air. Its American-made products include water purification equipment, air sanitizing and surface disinfection systems, and UV germicidal lamps for residential and commercial applications.

Hilary Boheme and Thomas Dituro were employed by a manufacturer of ultraviolet equipment who was also a regional distributor for a large UV lamp manufacturer. In 1963, with the business failing, the owner decided to sell the company to Boheme, current President of the company and Dituro; thus, the privately held Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation was formed. The use of UV light fixtures and equipment to eradicate bacteria, mold and viruses in water and air was in its infancy. This enabled the company to be at the forefront of developing better, more efficient ways to utilize this technology. One such discovery—which is still available today—was the 1970s invention of the Sanitron® Ultraviolet Water Purifier. It provided a unique and rapid method for water disinfection without the use of heat or chemicals.

In its early years, the business was located in a facility in Long Island City, NY. Through hard work, long hours, cold calling and a willingness to manufacture custom ultraviolet equipment, the company began to make itself known as a high-quality, wellengineered equipment producer. With no advertising budget, sales and new customers came by word-of-mouth referrals. A few years after its inception, a large lamp manufacturer that utilized Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation as its exclusive distributor decided to expand their distribution channel. This resulted in intense competition and a large reduction in sale of the UV lamps. Atlantic Ultraviolet developed its own proprietary lamp-making equipment, which enabled production of a proprietary brand of germicidal lamps. These lamps could be used within equipment that Atlantic was manufacturing, as well as for replacement lamps for existing UV fixtures. The Ster-L-Ray line of US-made germicidal UV lamps quickly became known as a viable and cost-effective alternative brand.

In 1972, Atlantic Ultraviolet continued as industry innovators, having invented and patented the Ster-L-Ray GX highoutput germicidal lamp. At the time, it was the most powerful germicidal lamp available and was designed specifically for Atlantic’s new Sanitron brand of UV water purifiers. Because of its unprecedented power and smaller footprint, the lamp embedded the Atlantic Ultraviolet brand in the market. Although Boehme was granted a US patent for Sanitron’s ‘wiper mechanism’ innovation in the 1980s, it has been a part of the Sanitron since it was first manufactured. Another US patent awarded to Atlantic Ultraviolet in the early 1990s was for the invention of an ‘easy-off seal assembly.’ Up until that time, routine maintenance on water purifiers was very tedious and required tools. The easy-off seal assembly provided an effective seal, while simultaneously permitting a technician to immediately open the seal with one hand, without the use of any tools. This invention represented the first tool-less way of doing routine maintenance on water purifiers.

The company grew steadily as did its product lines and patents. Its goal was to maintain US-based operations while serving a global audience. In 1975, to accommodate a growing inventory and staff, Atlantic moved to a 5,000-squarefoot, custom-built facility in Bay Shore, NY. They relocated again in 1993 to the current 37,500-square-foot facility in Hauppauge, NY. Through the years, the company has also added numerous accessory products to be used in and/or with the vast array of equipment sold. At present, Atlantic Ultraviolet has contributed many innovations to the field of UV technology, which have resulted in more than 10 registrations with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Today, the company offers an extensive line of water and air purification products sold under the trademark names: Ster-L-Ray, Minipure, Ultimate, BioLogic, MightyPure, Sanitron, Megatron, Nutripure, TankMaster, EcoLogic, Sanitaire, SaniRay, SaniLight, Sanidyne, AeroLogic and Hygeire. Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation continues to be a leader in applied UV technology, developing effective and cost-conscious solutions that have made it a highly recognizable brand within commercial, industrial, residential and recreational settings. New products are subjected to rigorous test protocols in order to ensure the highest standards of performance, reliability, usefulness and value. As it celebrates 50 years in the UV lamp and equipment manufacturing business, the company continues to pioneer the discovery and design of beneficial uses of UV energy. Its unwavering commitment to research and development has resulted in cost-effective and environmentally sound products that are well-known and utilized around the globe.


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