Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

As we turn the corner into the fall holiday season, there is much to reflect upon about the past year. The economy is still badly flagging and the most recent governmental snafu has done even more harm. While some gains have been noted over the past year, what we expected hasn’t materialized. It’s going to take longer and more effort for our industry to pick up the pieces and gain some momentum. And it can be done, just not in the same way as the past. Many dealers and manufacturers have taken a closer look at emerging markets to see what benefit they may be over time. Those who have successfully made the jump sideways will probably be able to weather more of the upcoming storms than others.

Wastewater treatment, either onsite or municipal, has moved up a notch or two in the search for markets in which to expand. A number of dealers have engaged this market and are now involved in communities that need help with their facilities. And so we present an article from ‘Wastewater Dan’ on the basics of wastewater for those who want to know more. Is this an option for your business expertise? You might want to take a closer look.

Also in this issue, C.F. ‘Chubb’ Michaud continues his series on hydrodynamic design. Peter Cartwright presents a case history on zero liquid discharge and Matt Wirth, our newest Technical Review Committee member, offers insight on pump motors and hard starts. Dr. Sanghyeon Kang takes a look at RO and alternatives for household use. And finally, Dr. Kelly Reynolds reports on the most recent pathogen emergence in municipal water that should have everyone talking frankly to their clients about home water safety.

It’s a big water world out there and for those with the determination and grit, it’s time to expand into new territory, as the water marketplace begins to deal more with reuse, recycling and other sustainability methodologies. Take a look at WQA’s latest seminars and webinars; they offer a wealth of information on a broad array of topics. And it might be the best starting point if you are looking for new options for your business.

As we press forward to the end of the year, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! While things may slow down when the temperatures cool, the time is right to keep looking and thinking forward. We’ll be right there with you!



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