Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

As we focus on the international water community, it brings to mind the numerous problems that have become more pressing in the US: water scarcity, sustainability, reuse and conservation. Our finite resource is dwindling rapidly and without the cooperation of Mother Nature in the more arid regions of the planet, the time has come to re-think our wasteful practices. Over-consumption can no longer be the norm if we are to adequately protect the water resources of the world. We don’t live in a vacuum; the diminished distances between global villages makes it ever more important for our audience to be aware of some cultural aspects that are routinely overlooked. Now it’s time for the rest of us to realize that we’re losing the most precious resource on the planet without accounting for the waste we’ve fostered as an acceptable way of doing business. New technologies will get us there eventually, if the correct regulatory climate and approaches are taken seriously enough. Changing habits to respect the natural recycling process that is our water structure must be part of the process. Recycle, reuse, toilet-to-tap, rainwater harvesting…many of these are ancient practices still being observed around the world. The time is right to bring the old ways into the spectrum of providing clean, safe water for our future.

In this international issue, we take a look at using RO and ultrafiltration to facilitate reuse of wastewater for a large Dubai hotel’s cooling towers, written by Dow Water and Process Solutions marketing and technical staff. The Water Council President and CEO provides a broad overview of the transformation of Milwaukee into a World Water Hub, designed to bring science, technology and manpower together to create solutions for global water issues. We also take another look at water-on-water technology—not new but much overlooked—as a sustainable RO process. And to round things out, a comprehensive report on the WQA Mid-year Executive Conference covers an extensive range of issues the organization is addressing for its members.

We hope to see you at the PWQA Annual Convention in Burbank, CA but if not there, we’ll find you at another conference somewhere soon. While the season may be winding down, there are still several important events that will be of benefit to everyone. Check our calendar of upcoming events!



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