Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

For most people, a drink of water is just a tap away, but in many parts of the country, water safety and quality is an ongoing concern. From high arsenic levels to sediment to scarcity, there are continuing needs for the water treatment specialist to address. In spite of many attempts by environmental groups, bottled water remains one of the safest and fastest ways to address the immediacy of disaster situations and long-term water treatment problems. Water coolers for both offices and homes are essential to meet the needs of consumers in those areas in which significant problems exist.

There are many different types of systems to choose from, thanks to the myriad options and innovations that are continually evolving. Some consumers will feel better with additions such as RO treatment, UV disinfection, etc., and the water treatment industry seeks to find the best solutions for the best price to ensure clients are satisfied. Emerging contaminants, better testing equipment and regulatory changes are driving innovation on several fronts. The consumer now has more choices and needs to have the best information possible to make informed choices. Dealers and manufacturers carry the responsibility of widening the net, so to speak, to meet customer demand.

Pionetics® Corporation’s LaMar Hunt offers tips on how to make a company’s sales force into the ultimate benefit not only for the consumer but the company as well. It’s more than sales that matter! Chris Hogan, IBWA’s VP of Communications, gives an industry update that covers not only market performance, but addresses the legal challenges that continue to beseige the bottled water industry. Public Health Editor Kelly Reynolds, MSPH, PhD, covers the boil water order challenge. There are many reasons for those orders to be issued but does the public really pay attention?

The summer weather is still with us, with record temperatures around the country. For the drought-prone southwest and flooding southeast, the challenges to maintaining water safety and quality continue to be at the forefront of the public’s thinking. The best way to help your customers is to know what is prompting their concern, whether negative or sensationalized news reports or the regional water quality report. Be their expert…become their friend!




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