Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

At this midpoint of the year, it’s worth remembering what has been accomplished so far and what comes next. For many, it may be a time of constant travel to events, conventions and exhibitions, while others may be taking a break. Those reaping the success that comes with continued hard work might consider a respite, if only for a few days, to recharge and return to business with a renewed sense of purpose. It’s important to maintain focus on business opportunities whenever and wherever they occur. And with warmer weather comes the chance to take advantage of those creeping out from their winter havens. Let’s face it, it’s been difficult to maintain a proper perspective following the recession of the past few years but things should start looking up to regain momentum.

Recent news about water issues of health concern is a friend of the water industry in a host of ways. The greater emphasis on consumers being informed of safe water sources, sustainability and scarcity can be a boon to those dealers who have the most relevant and credible details ready for potential clients. The Final Barrier Initiative and the studies recently promoted by WQA are evidence that consumers are seeking to give credence to their decisions. It’s important to be armed with facts and figures and for the first time, we have a broader base of provable, certified information.

A large part of final-barrier solutions is activated carbon, a primary treatment medium for applications large and small. In our annual carbon coverage, Carbon Resource’s Ken Schaeffer reports on the state of this pivotal element. Dr. Henry Nowicki, PACS, Inc., follows with the first of two articles about tips for activated carbon buyers and users. We continue with C.F. ‘Chubb’ Michaud’s series on hydrodynamic design, a photo recap of Wishing Well International Foundation’s WQA Aquatech golf tournament and a report from Dr. Kelly A. Reynolds about nanosponge technology.

The industry isn’t standing still. Our authors are rising to the challenge to keep dealers and manufacturers alike as well-informed as possible. Kudos to all of our great contributors!


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