Kurt C. Peterson

There was much to see and do at WQA Aquatech, and the information that was made available on a wide range of issues was relevant to a broad audience. Of note was the organization’s presentations on the septic study and the final-barrier initiative. Both will have a significant impact on how dealers and manufacturers do business in the future. The long-awaited septic study quantifies, for the first time, the peaceful coexistence of softener and septic systems, based on both lab and field testing. This is a boon for everyone in the water treatment sector and finally gives a measure of resolution to the long-standing conflict between the two systems’ proponents.

In addition, the final-barrier initiative that was launched two years ago is gaining ground. WQA is promoting it in many sectors, including the legislative realm. They are producing literature that will explain in detail what the concept is and how to implement the strategy to overcome the problems associated with providing clean water to all. These ‘toolkits’ as they are called are available on the WQA website. Also, a toolkit to help dealers, manufacturers and distributors work directly with local legislators is also part of the push to more clearly define the benefits of water softeners.

A full recap of the convention is featured in this issue, along with a companion article from David Martin in Creative Marketing. Highlights, interviews, images and information are the hallmark of our coverage and we strive to let everyone who did not attend know what they missed. In addition, we continue the series on hydronamics with Part 5 from C.F. ‘Chubb’ Michaud, and Richard Martin of NSF details the criteria and necessity of testing UV systems. Dr. Kelly Reynolds rounds out this month’s coverage of the industry with an update on hexavalent chromium issues.

If you couldn’t make it to WQA Aquatech in Indy, your next opportunity will be March 2014 in Orlando, FL. Try to take advantage of the opportunity to attend regional WQA events if at all possible to learn what your association is doing to promote the industry and your business interests. This connection to a broader organized effort is the best path to keep companies thriving in an ever-changing industry!


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