Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

Okay, so that isn’t going to happen in Tucson, but we can always hope, right? For those gearing up for the holidays, one of the hallmarks of Christmas is snow. We generally don’t see it but for those who do, we hope it brightens your celebrations! With that snow comes the realization that businesses will still be in full swing, in spite of the weather, economic conditions, Black Friday and other sales extravaganzas. Have dealers thought of Christmas cards and token promotional gifts to customers? This is one way to cement your relationships and prepare for more business. Take time to communicate a hearty Merry Christmas to everyone, including your staff. The return on this investment can be a gold mine of opportunities!

As we close out the year, the focus around the world is on water scarcity, sustainability and treatment. WQA is taking a broad step forward to bring the realities of POU/POE water treatment to the federal level to address issues that have been around for a long time, but overlooked by regulators. Regu Regunathan and Pauli Undesser present a report on what is needed to change (for the benefit of everyone) how POU/ POE is viewed and how Congress can make treatment options a reality for troubled water systems. Amy Reichel addresses the impact of water coolers on the environment and how manufacturers can gain green certification for their products. Matt Wirth and Kevin Osborn cover arsenic-reduction technologies, focusing on what can be right and what can be wrong with some options and why.

The majority of big events are now past, but we bring you highlights and pictures of the most recent: PWQA’s annual conference and CGA’s expo. Attendence is up at many events over those held last year, which is a very good sign for the industry—take a look and see who you know. You might even see yourself! Public Health Editor Kelly Reynolds focuses on the spread of MRSA in water in her On Tap column this month. It’s something to take a closer look at, especially since the virus has become so prevalent consumers may not even be aware they are at risk.

From all of us at WC&P International, we wish you the merriest of Christmas holiday seasons! Enjoy your New Year celebrations and we hope all will have a productive and successful 2013. We’ll see you next year!




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