Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

Now that summer is nearing its end and the children are back in school, it’s time to think about the opportunities that may bring. Last year’s scathing reports from major newspapers about unsafe drinking water supplies at schools around the country should make every parent sit up and take notice. For dealers, this is a prime opportunity to ensure that measures are taken to protect the safety of children at school. While many parents have taken their own path through purchase of bottled water, a better long-term solution is a plumbed-in treatment system. Have you checked local schools? Now might be an excellent time to find out how they rate in your area.

Water coolers are not just coolers anymore. Manufacturers have designed and engineered many systems with a host of amenities and treatment options. In this issue, Tina Donda (Product Certification Supervisor, WQA Gold Seal Program) writes about the different types of coolers and certifications that are available for all types of water coolers. And speaking of certification, WQA is launching a program specifically aimed at green product markets that will further enhance a company’s reputation for environmental friendliness. Written by Tom Palkon (Director of Product Certification, WQA) and Curtis Harnanan of PE International, we offer here an in-depth report explaining the processes and procedures that will serve the water treatment industry’s approach to current trends.

Everyone loves a good conference and that’s what folks gathered in Texas in July found. Daina Grace, Executive Director of the Texas WQA offers a full review of the happenings. As usual, word has it that TWQA’s annual event is the place to be in July. Also in this issue, we were privileged to engage WQA Executive Director Dave Haataja for an interview. He’s rarin’ to go and put WQA out in front of the industry. Let’s tag along for the ride!

Our coverage is rounded out with Gary Battenberg’s next installment of becoming a successful water treatment dealer, Terry Arko of SeaKlear’s article on hot tub maintenance and Gary Coon’s how-to on closing a sale effectively. In addition, Public Health Editor Kelly A. Reynolds examines the state of private water wells and the increasing need for testing and treatment. Good opportunities exist for dealers in this market and more may come soon.

We hope you have enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to the future as much as we are. Things are happening and it’s important to know who is doing what. We’ll let you know!




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