Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

With record temperatures sweeping the nation and drought conditions expanding across much of the country, it’s even more important to remember the basics of hot- weather safety: keeping cool and staying hydrated. August is traditionally hotter in many areas, which means more people are flocking to swimming pools and grabbing a bottle of water before they leave the house. It doesn’t matter if it’s a consumer bottle of tap water or a brand-name. Hydration is the single most important health and safety selling point during the summer, followed closely by swimmer safety.

In view of the necessary precautions to maintain a healthy lifestyle and promote summer safety, we are reprinting John Swancarra’s excellent article on the use of ozone for bottled water production and presenting a white paper from NSPF CEO Thomas Lachocki, PhD, on the health benefits of swimming and the dynamics of pool and spa safety. Also featured in this issue is a basic primer on water math by Matthew Wirth.

As trade shows and conventions take place across the country, dealers are taking advantage of their own within-network events, such as Water-Right/WaterCare’s recent Professional Level Dealer Convention. As noted in our recap in this issue, these events foster greater participation in company programs and training, resulting in more effective water treatment specialists.

We hear about new and emerging pathogens on a frequent basis, in part because of heightened awareness through the media and better testing technologies. Public Health Editor Kelly Reynolds, PhD, provides insight on the lack of recognition of emerging contaminants and how they might be missed. The possibilities of waterborne contamination are increasing and while scientific advances are being made, she asks what is being overlooked and why. These are fundamental questions for the water industry.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay safe. We want to see you at the upcoming conventions and trade shows, ready to do business and move the industry forward!




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