Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

For much of the Southwest, the temperatures are soaring into the high 90s earlier than anticipated. Drought conditions are spreading across the region, prompting fire restrictions and warnings. What does this mean to dealers? It’s an opportunity to watch for new business. Each fire season is accompanied by water contamination events brought on by landslides, power outages and water restrictions. But it’s not just the Southwest; most of the country continues to experience unusual weather. Also, keep in mind the pools and spas that people swarm to for relief require additional treatment when bather loads exceed normal capacities. All of these are possibilities for increased business.

RO is often the answer to many water problems, including those related to concerns about water quality at the endpoints of distribution systems. Over time, technological advances have brought RO to the head of the class as a cost-effective solution for homes, businesses and industries. Dow’s Michael Kim explores the utility and effectiveness of low-energy RO membranes for these treatment situations and how newer products help to reduce cost, increase efficiency and offer energy savings. As manufacturers produce better systems to meet evolving US EPA requirements, the winners will broaden their customer base and ensure better water quality across the market spectrum. Also in this issue, Dr. Andrew Eaton of MWH Laboratories explains the new monitoring requirements for unregulated contaminants. As more are added to US EPA’s lists by mandate, testing and monitoring practices must also evolve. Eaton delves into how the new monitoring must be accomplished and by whom, with a comprehensive review of what it takes to meet those requirements.

As conference season expands across the globe, new market players are taking advantage of the opportunity to make themselves more visible. In the Ukraine, for example, the fledgling water treatment industry is gaining credibility with the help of the Water Quality Association. Dr. Andrey Mitchenko of WaterNet and WQA’s Dr. Tanya Lubner explore the expansion of the water treatment industry in a growing but difficult economy with an eye toward promoting education, product certification and increased awareness of emerging companies in this under-represented marketplace.

The move toward sustainability and eco-friendly practices doesn’t start and end with the consumer. It requires an effort by industry as well. Chemistry is at the forefront of finding ways to make products that are compatible with the new trend in consumerism. Dr. Sarah Kennedy and Dr. Henry Nowicki outline the fundamentals of green chemistry, which include a set of principles designed to enhance environmental stewardship.

Summer conference season offers the best bets for dealers and manufacturers and a wide range of conferences, expositions and summits offer opportunities to showcase products to a broader market. Cross-platform marketing is gaining a larger audience as the convergence of reuse and conservation into traditional treatment solutions becomes more popular. Especially in climate-challenged areas, rainwater harvesting and reuse are becoming much more popular. Make sure not to overlook vendors of these products; they are a valuable source of information for future endeavors.

Be safe and enjoy the summer months and the business it brings to your company. Things are changing and the prospects are looking brighter, so make sure you keep your edge by being at the front of the pack, not waiting in the wings!


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