Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

It can’t be June already; the year just started, didn’t it? Have you made the most of it by taking on new business clients or reaching out to different venues? As we look to the calendar, the number of events on the horizon seems smaller but no less important, especially when the opportunity to move into other water markets presents itself. Take advantage of every event that piques your interest because there is no good reason to ‘stand in place’ at this point in time. Also during this time of year, when graduations and vacations come to mind, think also about the business opportunities that will present themselves. Pools and spas come to mind but more importantly, now is the time to address seasonal issues that crop up. With weather patterns seemingly more complicated and unpredictable, the possibility of unseasonable water issues tends to rear its ugly head and some new problems may result. How many of your clients delayed maintenance or service calls due to warmer temperatures? Make sure they are back on the schedule as soon as possible to keep them satisfied that you are paying attention to their needs.

Gearing up for warm-weather activities should include a heightened awareness of water safety. Whether you enjoy camping, swimming, boating, fishing or any other water-related activity, keep in mind that using common sense approaches to health and safety don’t end at the front door. Be cautious of your water sources and be ready to treat before you drink when you are away from home. Nothing ruins a vacation plan like intestinal bugs!

June is carbon month and most dealers, manufacturers and suppliers know that the best full-spectrum treatment will include activated carbon. The carbon industry has its ups and downs also, not the least of which is the expanding marketplace for carbon use and events that deplete existing stocks. Add to that the issue of anti-dumping tariffs, and the mix of competing interests can have wide-ranging effects on multiple, vertical markets. Water treatment is as affected by these issues as the air treatment industry. Carbon Resources President Ken Schaeffer provides an in-depth review of what has happened in the carbon markets over the past couple of years, what it means to water treatment and what can be expected. Henry Nowicki, PhD, of PACS offers insight on the changing markets for activated carbon and what new technology and testing can mean to our industry.

We continue with Gary Battenberg’s insightful series on starting a water business, covering low-pressure water issues. As usual, he writes to the reader, explaining the steps that are best practices to overcome these types of problems. While these articles contain information that dealers, installers and technicians should already know, how many really do? Basic water treatment education is a must for successful businesses and a quick refresher in what is supposedly already known can’t hurt. After all, nothing is as dynamic as the physical world and water doesn’t stay the same either.

Dr. Kelly A. Reynolds takes a slightly different approach in her On Tap column by focusing on ‘citizen science’ projects. In its infancy, harnessing the computing power of everyday citizens was pretty much confined to a small audience for some fringe projects. Now, the recognition of what contributions people can make offers everyone a chance to become part of a host of projects that span the scientific world. Dr. Reynolds highlights the major elements of this movement, including those that are directly related to the water industry. Have a look at what she’s found and maybe you can make a difference as well.

We strive to keep you, our readers, abreast of whatever is happening in our industry and hope to give you the edge over your competitors by having that information readily available. We hope to hear from more readers about the articles and columns we present each month. Tell us what you’d like to see covered and why. If you have ideas for stories or would like to write a technical article, have company news or are launching new products, contact Denise Roberts, [email protected]. Being successful means being informed and the primary goal of our staff is to keep our audience as well-informed as possible. Let us know how we’re doing!



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