By Denise M. Roberts

Multipure International
7251 Cathedral Rock Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Tel: (800) 622-9206
[email protected]
Facilities: Three (Las Vegas, NV and Shanghai, China)

Multipure International, a privately-held, family-owned company with sales and manufacturing channels in the United States and Asia, was founded by brothers H. Allen and Alvin Rice in 1970 as a drinking water appliance sales and rental company, a more convenient and economical alternative to bottled water. Due to business growth and mounting product supply issues, H. Allen and Alvin developed their own manufacturing operation in their garage, creating their signature solid carbon block filter and laying the foundation for the company’s manufacturing base. Multipure has experienced strong, steady growth since its inception, operating out of two Las Vegas, NV facilities and one Shanghai facility.

Today, Multipure drinking water systems and solid carbon block filters reach a global marketplace. The company’s manufacturing subsidiary has an industry reputation for high quality and exceptional product performance s – a reputation reinforced by its robust certifications. The products the company produces in Las Vegas are shipped to all regions of the world, and Multipure’s presence in Asia is further strengthened by its facility in Shanghai.

The next generation comes of age
Company President and spokesman Zachary Rice, son of Multipure co-founder and COO, Alvin Rice, has been involved with the company and the water treatment industry his entire life. “I gained my first insights into the business as a child, visiting the Multipure offices and manufacturing floors,” said the younger Rice. “I became actively involved with the company during my teenage years, working in virtually every job position in the organization and gaining knowledge and experience in Manufacturing, Information Technology, Engineering, and Sales.” Armed with an MBA from the University of Southern California and a decade of hands-on industry experience, Rice is positioned to lead the company to new heights and mark his own path of success. His wife, Jennifer, serves and Executive Vice President, overseeing most administrative aspects of the company. A certified public accountant, she earned a BS Degree in accounting from the University of Southern California. She also leads the company’s Pure Foundation, dedicated to education, assistance and health improvement geared towards families with young children. “Multipure is a very family-oriented organization. I feel our mission with the foundation is critical to our focus of caring about the health and prosperity of others,” said Rice.

Past to present: challenges and goals
“Over the past decade, the water filtration industry has become increasingly crowded and competitive due to the entrance of both large multinational conglomerates and small start-ups, especially in the Asian market,” said Rice. “In response to this competitive growth, Multipure was challenged with the simultaneous tasks of expanding operations and increasing cost efficiency – all while maintaining our high standards for product quality. Through the hard work of our highly experienced, talented, and dedicated staff, Multipure has met these challenges and persevered, paving the way for continued business growth and operational expansion.

“Over the next five years, Multipure plans to update and modernize its product line and brand. We are also investing heavily in research and development to further improve our products’ functionality, performance and certifications. As we continue to grow, we plan to continue expanding our distribution in Asian markets. We are determined to position Multipure not simply as a company that sells drinking water systems, but as a company that provides a whole-lifestyle approach to better water and better health.

Moving into the future
As the industry continues to consolidate and grow, momentum increases for the focused investment of research and development into filtration technology advances and improvements. “Because of this,” said Rice, “I believe that this industry will experience some very exciting advances in filtration capacity and overall capability within the next five years. On a broader scale, the advancement of an industry dedicated to protecting and improving peoples’ health can realize inspiring potential gains for humanity as whole. As existing materials and technologies are improved and new solutions emerge, highly capable products will become more efficient and therefore, affordable to more people. Less fortunate communities, currently struggling with contaminated water sources, will eventually have solutions available to them that will alleviate concerns of illness or the spread of disease.”

Multipure envisions success measured not in terms of profit but the prosperity of community and family. The next decade will likely provide challenges that Multipure is expecting to overcome, in the same manner as those that have already been mastered.


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