Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

Just like a parade, the anticipation of the event can build up a sense of excitement long before it actually happens. For the water treatment industry, WQA Aquatech, The Water Opportunity Show™, is a kickoff to conference season and heralds the possibilities for new forms of success. For some, the excitement comes from the opportunity to talk one-on-one with suppliers and manufacturers, while others enjoy the chance to socialize with veterans and industry newcomers alike. Most importantly, this is the chance for new technologies and innovations to make their debut to a wide cross-section of the water treatment industry. WQA Aquatech is not just for dealers and manufacturers. Did you know there are people who attend the exhibition that are there solely to find out what our specialists are doing to make their water safer and their lives better?

The improving economy should also give us a reason to smile. It’s the domino effect that, combined with a well-organized show, can propel us forward and want to make things better than they have been. Even if you can’t quite believe reports of better manufacturing and sales figures, it doesn’t dim event the slightest optimism that the cycle is turning to our benefit. It’s still a long way off from the heyday of water treatment but it’s better than it was for the last few years. We should all celebrate the possibilities that stream out of WQA Aquatech in the form of new deals and new contacts. Make the best of the situation by seeing and being seen. Now is not the time to sit back, patiently waiting for a windfall. You have to make that windfall happen.

As a compliment to the February issue, we are adding the expanded schedule of events that highlights the presentation speakers and topics that are sure to create some buzz. WQA’s Mark Unger takes us through the process for testing water softeners and incoming WQA President Dar Watts is featured in Dealer Profile with a lot of good answers to our interview questions. Public Health Editor Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, Ph.D. provides a background article as a companion to her presentation at the convention. This will be a multipart feature in the coming months but being at her presentation will give you an even better picture of emerging pathogens and your role in keeping water supplies safe.

F. ‘Chubb’ Michaud explores the technicalities of what determines if water is soft and Gary Battenberg launches a series of articles on how to get started (and keep going) in the water treatment industry. Greg Reyneke offers insight on the healthy water craze and how dealers can capture this market when they know what it’s about. There’s more than meets the eye and we’re going to hear more about it as time goes by.

As travel plans are made, reservations confirmed, appointments set and the general chaos of planning unfolds, keep in mind that there is no better chance to make your mark than to keep it positive and don’t stop moving. Like driving in sand, if you slow down too much, you’re going to have to be rescued. Take the opportunity that WQA Aquatech offers to reach out to the broader water world and find your space, the one that you can make your own and promote the importance of water treatment. The collaborative effort is a win-win for everyone who has ever wondered how they can make a difference in the world. It’s your turn to be the trendsetter.


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