Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

As we round the corner into winter, with the hope of spring not far behind, it’s time to start planning for convention season. Also, PWQA is gearing up for it’s annual trip to Sacramento, CA for Legislative Days on February 21 and 22. Always out in front on the legislative battle, they need all our support.

WQA Aquatech, The Water Opportunity Show™, which begins on March 5, will offer a full line up of seminars, classes, presentations and speakers. And yes, Sin City has it’s own highlights to offer, especially for those who want to wind down after a busy day on the exhibition floor.  And no Aquatech event is complete without the charity golf tournament. This year, Wishing Well International Foundation kicks off it’s inaugural tournament on March 6. You have probably received information and forms already but if not, just visit www.wishingwellintl.org/docs/011212-Registration-Form.pdf to sign up. The tournament will benefit the efforts of the foundation to bring safe, potable water to areas in dire need, so be generous to help others realize the quality and safety of good water.

Be sure to review the Event Schedule to help plan your activities during the conference. While some things classes, presentations or sessions may change by the time we arrive in Las Vegas, I can assure you that we’ve received the latest, most up-to-date schedule information to assist you in your planning. We’ll be making room in our schedules to meet and greet as many of you as possible. And if we don’t see you in your booth, please stop in and see us at ours, #626.

In our run up to the show, we have a variety of articles that should be of interest. Tech Reviewer Chubb Michaud offers a broad overview of the ions and elements of The Periodic Table of the Elements and how to use this tool effectively in water treatment applications. Vivekanad Gaur of Filtrex Technologies writes about activated carbon use for removal of chloramines. Tate Burckhardt of Better Water Industries introduces a ‘twist’ for problem water treatment, while Matt Wirth and Kevin Osborn of Layne Christensen present a case study on arsenic remediation in rural Minnesota. There’s something for everyone in this issue!

It’s also that time of year that we begin work on our annual Buyer’s Guide. You can update your information at www.wcponline.com by clicking on the link at the top of the page, complete and return the questionnaire when it’s received or contact us by phone to accomplish this important task. We have the most comprehensive guide in the industry, referenced around the world by subscribers and visitors alike. Let’s make it another ‘best in the industry’ for 2012!

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas and we hope you will enjoy the conference and exhibition, while taking advantage of the many opportunities to enhance your business. There’s no place like WQA Aquatech to find your industry peers ready and willing to do business.


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