By Denise M. Roberts

L.H. Brubaker Appliances & Water Conditioning
340 Straburg Pike                                        5303 East Trindle Road
Lancaster, PA 17602                                    Mechanicsburg PA 17050
Toll-free: (800) 546-6161                           (717) 796-0150
Tel: (717( 299-2351
Fax: (717) 299-5781
[email protected]
Employees: 65
Vehicles: 30

Family-owned and operated L.H. Brubaker Appliances & Water Conditioning, a multi-generation S-Corporation, has been serving a broad area of central and south central Pennsylvania since 1932. With the addition of water conditioning systems in the late 1980s, the business became a one-stop shopping experience. Company spokesman and Water Department Sales Manager, Tim Lawson noted that selling water treatment products was a natural tie-in to water working appliances. “We were asked if we were interested in selling these systems 27 years ago and we’ve been doing it ever since. We made a commitment to satisfy our customers by offering quality products and giving outstanding customer service.”

To ensure clients in their large service area receive the best the company has to offer, the business employs 65 people, nine of whom are family members (President Don Frank, Sr.; Vice President Mike Steller; Don Frank Jr., Sales Manager Appliances/Marketing; Debra Steller and Chad Steller Sales; Nesha Frank, Accounting; Eric See, Installations; Tiffany Frank, Builder Sales and Andrew Frank, Deliveries), and fields a fleet of 30 vehicles. L.H. Brubaker is a member of WQA and has one certified staff member, Don Heaps, CWS-III, CI. Four staff members will go through WQA testing 2012.  In-house training is also available for staff members, provided by Lancaster Pump and Water Treatment. Kris Toomey and Tim Lawson have completed the Aqua Technician I and II programs for Clack and Fleck equipment.

Meeting customer needs
To counter regional issues with hardness, iron, pH, TDS, nitrates, hydrogen sulfide and bacteria, L. H. Brubaker has several options to make their customers’ water safe, including Hanish Water Crest 10 Salt-Free Physical water treatment equipment, which helped the company overcome the challenge of finding a salt-free product that still treated water for scale. The firm is the exclusive distributor of Delta Twin Tank Non-Electric water softeners and offers its own locally manufactured PURE H20 water systems. Additional products include Triton UV lights, X-Factor Series water softeners and filters and LINX Drinking Water systems.

In one of the worst treatment situations the company encountered, low pH, Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide, Bacteria and Nitrates were all found in one home. To correct these problems, it installed an acid neutralizer, Aquanue aeration system for iron and hydrogen sulfide, X Factor Series Water Softener, Triton UV Light and an RO drinking water system. On the flip side, the best results came when service technicians put a LINX system in a home with 25-ppm level of nitrates and got a zero reading right after the installation was completed. “The results speak for themselves about this system,” noted Lawson. “Green Systems like Water Crest 10 and LINX Drinking Water System will change the way consumers buy these products.”

Changing to meet future needs
Lawson said there are several things that will impact how the company does business. “Tougher regulations on salt discharge are a big concern because there is a bigger push against water softeners in so many regions of the country. Also, we see newer technologies, such as non-ion exchange systems and descaling products becoming more in demand. We’ll have to deal with more regulations and have better answers for customers about how to help them keep their families’ water supply safe and delicious. After eight decades, we have good reason to believe we will keep meeting those demands and whatever else comes our way. We’re invested in our community, our business and this industry. That means we’ll be ready for changes and provide new products that consumers are looking for to meet their needs.

“Water is such an important part of our lives. Whether for bathing or drinking, we want you to get the most from your water. Our company was built on trust, service, support and loyalty,” said Lawson. “We know that putting our faith in these values is the best way to deliver value and we have made a commitment to satisfy our customers.”


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