By Denise M. Roberts

Chester Paul Company
312 Western Avenue
Glendale, California 91201
Tel: (800) 227-2093
Fax: (818) 240-8804
Employees: 24
Facilities: 3

Founded in 1948 by Chester Paul Caughron, the Chester Paul Company is a privately held, family-owned distributor of water filtration systems and components, as well as pneumatic and hydraulic components. Since it’s inception in 1948, the company has continually expanded its product offering to serve various industries. Chester Paul Company ships worldwide every day. Owned by second-generation family members, management includes the third generation. Sean Caughron started at Chester Paul when he was able to walk, sweep floors, pull weeds, or just play with his grandfather in the warehouse. He worked full time in the summers when he was eight or nine years old. Fast-forward 20 years. After college and a few other opportunities, Sean went back to work in the territory sales division selling pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. In 2000, he became Sales Manager, with a focus on the water treatment division.

Chester Paul Company’s mission is to provide customers with the convenience of one-stop sourcing for components, supplies and systems through an ever-expanding product line. It continues to grow distribution services around the world while maintaining high levels of personal service. The company offers a comprehensive range of water treatment, beverage service and pneumatic components and fittings that assist water treatment professionals with system design and sizing to meet their customers’ needs. The Linis™ Pure Water Systems brand rounds out Chester Paul’s product lineup, with everything from POU coolers, undercounter RO and beverage filtration to commercial RO systems. Linis dealers also receive customized sales and marketing materials to enhance their image and drive sales.

Over the last two years, Chester Paul Company has introduced a long list of new products. Within its water treatment component line, this includes CPC-branded sediment filters, carbon filters and housings and Doulton™ ceramic filters, plus its online ordering system. Introduced less than two years ago, its Linis™ Pure Water Systems brand has grown to include three floor-standing and two countertop Water Station™ POU coolers, standard 4- and 5-stage and PRO undercounter RO systems, Hydrant low-pressure 1,000 GPD RO, Water Hubs™, beverage filtration, water softeners, Next Scale-Stop and UV treatment, as well as custom, commercial water treatment systems for foodservice and beverage applications.

Challenges bring opportunities
“We believe that technology, economic conditions, and the world in general, are in a perpetual state of change,” said Caughron. “Recent economic events have certainly created new challenges, but these challenges also bring on new opportunity. Our strategy has been to continue to expand and grow during the tough times, which will lead to even greater success when we return  to the upside of the economic cycle.”

“One case in point would be in regard to inventories,” he continued. “Most companies are trying to carry as little as possible and run a just-in-time supply. This puts greater burden on distributors to meet the expectations of customers who order only when they already need something. Better forecasting and inventory management is a must for each link in the supply chain. Chester Paul is embracing technology as one way to alleviate some of the burden. Earlier this year, we launched our comprehensive online ordering system to provide a high degree of convenience for our customers. CPC customers can browse our product lines, access pricing and place orders 24/7. For added efficiency internally, we are in the process of updating our entire order-entry, inventory management and shipping database management system. Additionally, we are relocating to a larger office building to accommodate recent and future growth.”

Caughron presented a positive outlook. “With an ever-growing demand for clean water, the industry as a whole is well positioned for strong, steady growth for the foreseeable future. Water treatment services to residential and office customers are rather fragmented, largely due to a relatively low barrier to entry for new businesses. Moving forward, with growing consumer awareness of the need for purified water and larger investment groups seeing the opportunity, one would expect to see considerable consolidation. Larger players will emerge but there is still plenty of opportunity for the creative, determined entrepreneur.”

This level of enthusiasm and optimism keeps Chester Paul and Sean Caughron at the forefront of the industry. Tackling the problems with a positive outlook is sure to keep the company moving forward for the next generation.


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