Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

In spite of the odd weather that has been occurring all year, fall is beginning to unfold in the upper tier of the United States. And that brings to mind the need to winterize systems before snowbirds flock to the relatively milder climates in the southern part

of the country. Is this a service you offer your customers or do they have to ask for it? Making systems safe for extreme cold is a good way to develop trust and loyalty with your clients. In these uncertain economic times, trust is a major factor in maintaining a long-term relationship with consumers.

As the year winds down and the conference season slows to a crawl, there are a few shows that should be on your A List. Aquatech Amsterdam (November 1-4) is one of the biggest in Europe and the space fills quickly. This is the chance to branch out further into international venues with the availability of a huge audience in which to find new clients. Don’t forget NGWA’s annual conference in Las Vegas (November 29-December 2) as another avenue to develop new contacts. Many companies are beginning to schedule training sessions as well as annual events, all of which will be very helpful to attendees. Of note is Chester Paul’s Fall Training Session (November 15).

Once each year, we focus on the larger applications, such as desalination and wastewater. The latest reports from around the world indicate there will be far less potable water available in the future if countries and governments don’t act quickly and decisively to offset the myriad problems facing current water sources. In the US, desalination is being developed as an alternative in California and Arizona. Other states are looking at water reuse as an option, especially in drought-stricken Texas. To highlight some of the successes other regions have had with advanced technologies, Gary Crisp of the International Desalination Association presents an insightful piece on desalination and sustainability in Australia. Peter Cartwright offers an overview of water reuse and Colin Bishop takes a look at the history of onsite wastewater.

Marketing is an integral part of the success of any business, and getting it right the first time makes a tremendous difference in how prospective customers view your company. ‘Data Dale’ Filhaber provides a short, 10-step marketing list that can help dealers make the right calls to the right people. David Martin extends our marketing coverage with a list of techniques that blend old and new media to the best possible advantage for those who are ready to venture into the more recently available marketing options.

Enjoy the fall colors, stay warm and enjoy the conferences. While things tend to slow down during the fall and winter months, there’s no reason to slow down your efforts to find and keep new customers. There are new problems developing every year that make dealers and manufacturers the first line of defense in the quest for safe and healthy water.



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