Krones AG’s latest generation of the Contiform 3 high-speed, stretch blow molding series offers small cavity (SC) machines for the high-output range of up to 81,000 containers an hour. The machine for containers sized at maximum 0.75 liters (25.3 ounces) is fitted with a newly developed blow-molding station that operates entirely without lubrication, reducing the time needed for manual lubrication of the machine by 70 percent and increasing the machine’s availability levels. Machines produced thus far, integrated into the ErgoBloc L wet-end monobloc, provide users with low-maintenance, simple-to-operate machines with low standstill times. In addition, individual machines can be synergised to form integrated units to minimize complexity of production lines and upgrade efficiency levels. The series has been integrated with Contiroll labelling technology, featuring a Multireel automatic reel magazine plus fillers from the new Modulfill series. It offers total operating costs up to 10 percent lower than for conventional bottling lines and the monobloc’s footprint is 30 percent smaller.


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